Friday, August 17, 2012

Worried Momma

One of the weekly tests run on all NICU babies showed that Kennedy tested positive for MRSA. It is colonized but not infected; therefore, she does not require antibiotics. Apparently, 30% of the population has this bacteria on their body and the doctors and nurses tell me not to worry. Not to worry....after what we have already been through...that is impossible!

The main thing to focus on is that Kennedy is doing really well on CPAP and does not show signs of an infection. At this rate, she will be ready for cannula next week! Oh, she passed the 4# mark today! 4# 1oz.

Drake is also still doing well. He weighs 3# 9oz. Since we are taking it one day at a time, we are thankful for a good day today and I will try not to worry about tomorrow. Notice I said, try.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake


  1. Congratulations on passing 4 lbs, Kennedy! :-) no worries, mama. You're covered in prayers.

  2. Bless her heart - he doesn't look happy at all... yeah for 4 lbs. And 3 lbs. 9 oz. Drake is going to be catching up soon! We will continue to pray for you all. Cannot wait for my baby to get to see your babies. She asks about them every day.

    Yvonne and Sydney

  3. Daily prayers continue for your dear family. Specific prayers will now be that that "colony" stays mute, that Kennedy transcends smoothly to using the canula (looks like a big pacifier and you will see more of that sweet face), and that Drake continues to astound his medical team as a miracle odds beater when his turn at CPAP soon comes. Thank you for your posts, my friends at work that are praying as well ask about you:) SO, you have several Georgia prayer warriors on your team. Hope you have a blessed weekend with your babies. <><

  4. I got an MRSA infection that abscessed in mu eyebrow (weird right?)...anyway I learned very quickly there is no way to avoid MRSA or staph infections...the buggers are on a lot of things everywhere. Try no to be worried she may just be a carrier. For example, bc we didnt test me frequently before i had Trey to see if i was still a carrier, i got to have an uninterrupted hospital stay ehen i had him--bc it was mandatory for nurses to gown up to come they only bothered is on must basis :-)...i am not, nor is Trey "infected"...its just something i need to be aware of if i get hospitalized...

    Anyway i digress from the main point--yay for another great day!! 4#! 3.9#! Wow...tgats like how big they may have been full term and they are still inside gestation period! They are doing great. I am so happy for the four of you --myjust prayers continue for each of you!!

  5. Kennedy and Drake are looking great, keep up the good work and still in our prayers.


  6. They are just so precious and such a blessing!

  7. Praying for Kennedy, but I know that God has already taken care of it and it will just be another stepping stone in her journey out of the NICU :)

    Glad to hear nothing new with Drake, glad he is staying "boring" right now :)