Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Wait

We won't have confirmation until tomorrow, but preliminary reports from the cultures drawn indicate pneumonia. He is continuing with the two antibiotics that they started yesterday and he received a blood transfusion today. Last night and this morning he had trouble regulating his temperature (it was running and staying high) but his nurse has been able to keep it steady this afternoon and evening. His doctor will know better what we are dealing with tomorrow and they will be able to adjust his antibiotics. Because of this daddy was not able to hold Drake today as we had hoped, and Drake is not able to have kangaroo time with mommy either :( Drake has been doing better with his oxygen rate today and not requiring high amounts.

Kennedy is still doing very good. She held her daddy's hand and looked straight at him before he headed out for another work week this evening. Brian going back to work each week is hard on both of us. He misses being here with us and we miss him. Today they were able to go down again on Kennedy's respiratory rate and she is on minimal settings. Now that she is on a continual feed, she is doing quite well with her digestion.

Tomorrow is their first eye exam. From what I have been told, the eye doctor will dilate their eyes and examine the retinas. Of course the first exam will show abnormal results because they are premature. We know this and are prepared to hear this. They will be reexamined about every two weeks to see how their eyes are developing. If there are any signs of problems, they will be able to do laser surgery to correct the problem. Hopefully, that will not be necessary.

1)Drake swaddled
2)Kennedy stretched out
3)Drake looking at mommy & daddy 4)Kennedy holding her ear and sucking her fingers
5)Drake with a pacifier
6)Kennedy looking at daddy


  1. Praying for positive news tomorrow.

  2. The Gilstrap family is In our daily prayers. Team Drake and Kennedy always! God has blessed you with two gorgeous children and He will continue to watch over all of you! Praying for good news in the morning as well.
    ~Ogrodnik Family

  3. God is guiding your drs and nurses. He is their hands & minds, I am confident that any illness will be hastened away through prayer and God working through your medical staff. Stay resolute in your prayers and positivity. You are both so strong, we can all see where Drake &Kennedy get their strength from!

    Drake:you give the sickies the slip quick ok?! You are such a good boy, Jesus and mommy and daddy and sissy just love you to bits! Keep it up sweet Amazing Drake!

    Kennedy: you are doing so good! Jesus gave you especially to your mommy and daddy and bubby. Keep it up sweet Super Kennedy!

  4. Drake will weather this storm as he has weathered every other problem placed in his path :-) He is a little fighter and will keep showing mommy and daddy how strong he is :-)

    It was good to see everyone this weekend for a little bit and can't wait to visit with everyone outside of the hospital :-) Time will fly by and next thing we know it will be time to bring them home :-)

    Keep hanging in there knowing that God has it all under control :-) Have a great week!

  5. Praying for your family. Bless little Drake's heart. He is going to grow up with tons of war stories. Thank you for continuing to post.

  6. Prayers going up for a quick end to this infection. Drake has already shown how tough he is, so we know he can get thru this too. So glad of Kennedy's progress and we can't wait to hear that she is off the ventilator soon and can have one less tube to deal with.

    It was great to see you last week - those babies are more beautiful in person!

  7. You all have bee pn through so much. Baby Drake is a strong boy.....stronger than most full grown men!!! Praying so hard for you guys and those sweet babies!!

  8. Praying for you all.

    Yvonne and Syd