Thursday, August 2, 2012

40 days

Today marks 40 days in the NICU...40 days since our babies were born. In some ways it seems like just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital for their birth, but in other ways it seems like an eternity. We know that we still have many miles to travel along our NICU journey. We are also thankful for the stability both Drake and Kennedy have had lately.

Kennedy is doing really well. She is continuing to tolerate her feedings. She gets fed every three hours slowly over a two hour period. Her ventilator settings are very minimal and she is continuing to grow 3# 3oz. Before we know it she will be ready for another try at the CPAP. We enjoy our daily kangaroo time together.

Drake is doing really well also. He had another doctor listen to his heart murmur and take a look at his X-rays. He too agreed with the other doctor about strictly monitoring it for now instead of a surgery at this time. Thank goodness! He has already endured so much. The orthopedic surgeon is reviewing his knee X-rays, sono, and MRI. We have not yet heard what his recommendation is but should hear back soon. The infectious disease doctor recommended aspirating (draining with a needle), but we are hopeful it will correct itself in time without having to do anything. He has been weening off of some of his settings on the ventilator and excelling at milk digestion. He is almost up to sister's levels. He is still holding steady at 3# and we are hoping to see him gain some in the next few days. We've needed him to lose weight with the extra fluid for so long, but now that the fluid is gone it is time to start gaining.

We had one of our friends from Tyler come visit today. It was really nice to sit and visit with a good friend. She was able to meet Drake and Kennedy and see a bit of their personalities. It still amazes me how distinctive their personalities are at such a young (should not be born yet) age.

Pictures: Kennedy during kangaroo time, Drake during kangaroo time, Drake cheering for sister, Kennedy cheering for brother :)


  1. So so so precious!!! They are adorable. Time is a strange thing in the NICU world. I always seemed to have lost all sense of it, yet each anxious moment was closely followed by another. Funny how the world stops, outside of those walls. I'm so glad its been a calm week. Will keep praying daily for you guys!

  2. So happy they are both doing so well they are both so adorable and i enjoy and look foward to reading how yall's day goes everyday thank you so much for continuing to share with us all and as always prayers for you and your beautiful family :)

  3. 40 days down, 40+ years to go :) Soon enough this time in the NICU will be behind you all, and you can enjoy being parents of wonderful twins :) Soon they will be crawling around, getting into all sorts of trouble, and you will just smile as they have been through so much in their lives already :)

    God bless you Annie and Brian, and keep hanging in there, as you take care of your precious two little angels, being the parents they need you to be right now :)

  4. Such good news. For the first time, Kennedy and Drake look like twins - I had to look several times thinking you posted two pictures of the same baby. Yeah!!

    Love ya'll,


  5. I am so glad things have calmed down a bit and you can enjoy time with your babies.


  6. Great to read both babies are stable and doing well. Prayers continue on your behalf. God's got this. <><

  7. Yeah for the cheering section!!!! Love that they are cheering one another on!

    I have to say Annie they are beautiful and you can just feel all sorts of love radiating from every single picture. You are an amazing mommy!

    Drake and Kennedy - keep it up! You are doing great! As soon as you are both strong enough to come home to Tyler you are going to have a big debut I'm sure!!!

    Yvonne and Sydney

  8. Love, love, love the cheering pictures. They are both so beautiful!!