Thursday, August 30, 2012

4 Pounds 4.8oz

That is how much both babies weigh. Yes, Drake has caught up with sister! Exactly 4# 4.8oz. I couldn't believe it!

Drake: His urine culture came back positive with graham negative rods. This means he has a urinary tract infection. The graham negative rods meant that anther lumbar puncture (spinal tap) had to be done. Poor Drake! The doctor did it this afternoon and Drake was a champ! The preliminary results are back and it looks good. His spinal fluid does not show signs of an infection. This is wonderful news! They have added a third antibiotic and the infectious disease doctor will be in early in the morning to reevaluate. He will decide what specific antibiotics need to be continued and which can be stopped. He will also decide how long to treat. Because Drake had previously had a UTI, he was already on a preventative medicine when he got this infection. Once this infection is cleared, we will be meeting with a urologist. They will need to do a test which inserts a dye into a catheter to see if he has urinary tract reflux. If this is the case, a procedure will be done to correct the problem.

Kennedy: She is doing really good! In fact, she is already figuring out how to get what she wants. She was a little fussy this afternoon so I picked her up out of her crib. It still feels weird that I can go and pick her up whenever I want to without asking for permission or assistance. As soon as I picked her up, she was calm and happy. So, I ended up holding her for several hours. I just didn't want to put her down. My mom was able to hold her granddaughter for the first time today! That was a fun moment to experience. I know she can't wait to do the same with Drake. We put Kennedy's mobile on her crib today and she was very intrigued. I can't wait for Brian to see her tomorrow! I know he is excited about picking her up on his own.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Kennedy with Gran


  1. Praying the doctors find just the right treatment to help Drake overcome this UTI. Happy to hear how much you are enjoying being able to pick up Kennedy whenever you want to.

  2. What great news on their weight! Hope the doctors can get Drakes UTI under control! When Ali was almost 2 she had to have the dye procedure done and they had her laying on the bed after they injected the dye waiting for her to go to the bathroom. She finally had to go and told me. The doctors told her to just go there on the bed laying down. She looked at them like they were crazy, shook her head no, and said she goes on the potty! It didn't matter how much they tried to convince her, she would not go! They finally agreed to let her get up and go. They couldn't get anything accurate because of it but she never had a UTI again! Just brought back that memory!

    Love and hugs - Yvonne and Syd

  3. I have confidence the drs are Gods hands doing His work with your babies,I just know Drake will be healed! What super star you got there, I am amazed at what he has endured.

    So very excited to hear of the weight gain! Thats neat to finally have them at the same spot. So awesome!!

    You keep up that mommy magic--there is no rule that says we ever have to put them down! Hold her as ling as she will let you bc there is going to be a day when they are both running in opposite directions and you cant catch either! :-)

    So happy for your mom too. This is going to be a great weekend for your family. I hope the fund raiser is a successful event also.

    Yall are in my prayers!

  4. I am so thankful that they have gained so much weight! I'm praying for Drake's UTI. Wha a precious moment for your mom! Wow!

  5. They look so big! And that picture of Kennedy and her grandma needs a frame! You are getting close!!

  6. What a great moment for your mom! And way to go Drake on the weight gain! Now just kick this infection fast so you can have a good weekend with your dad!!

  7. Go Drake on the weight gain! You caught up to Kennedy and now let's see who can gain weight faster :) Just no fighting over mom's milk, there is enough to go around you two!

    Drake, we know you will beat this infection just fine, as you are one tough little boy! Kick it to the curb as you have done everything else that has come your way and show it who is boss.

    Kennedy, you already have figured out how to control mom, now time to figure dad out :) Soon you can just look them both in the eye and they will do whatever you ask of them :)

    Thank you God for these two children, taking them from a very dangerous situation a few weeks ago, to slowly but surely healing their little bodies, so they can grow and become strong and able to fight any battle in their path.

    Go Drake! Go Kennedy! Keep it up you two! I can't wait to read that you are heading home, no more NICU for you soon :)

  8. How great to know weight is comin up!!! Praying for Drake to get a treatment that takes care of the Infection.