Tuesday, August 7, 2012


"Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory." ~Ghandi

As much as we want to fast forward to the victory, both of our babies coming home, we have to continue to endure each stage along our journey. Some days are easier than others, but they are all a step toward our final goal. Today completes 45 days in the NICU; therefore, we are 45 steps closer to our victory.

Drake is definitely feeling much better! He was even fighting with his doctor this morning when she came in for his morning exam. He is moving up on his feeds and will be back on full feeds in another day. We even got to have kangaroo time today! He is the best snuggle buddy, and it was wonderful to be able to hold him again! The antibiotics that he is on for the pneumonia seem to be working well. So far the blood cultures are not showing signs of an infection and neither is his urine culture. These are both good signs! The infectious disease doctor wants to do a spinal tap on him this week. This is not something that we wanted to hear, but we also do not want to run the risk of him having an infection in his spinal fluid and have him get sick again.

Kennedy's daily morning blood test showed wonderful results and they were able to come down even lower on her respiratory rate and pressure. This is a very good thing, but it means that she has to do much more of the breathing on her own. This was an adjustment for our little girl. Twice today she fell into a really deep sleep and apnea set in. Very scary for this mommy, especially when she did this while I was holding her. The nurses said she just got too comfy. Apparently, these types of episodes are to be expected while she adjusts to her new settings. It still does not make it any easier as a parent. She is doing good now and so far those were the only two scares with her today. Tomorrow is a new day filled with new hope as we continue in this stage of our journey.

1) Kennedy with eyes wide open
2) Mommy holding Kennedy
3) Drake with eyes wide open
4) Drake sleeping


  1. They are so stinkin cute!!! I love kennedys lil tumtum!

    I just teared up reading your strong words of conviction and determination as a parent. And i continue to be amazed by Drake (and kennedy too of course).

    45 miraculous days. Happy 45th day-a-versary of being a family!!

    Prayers continue faithfully for you all!

  2. That is our boy Drake! Keep fighting little buddy and get back to full health soon!

    Go Kennedy! I am so proud of you doing so well with your breathing... just keep getting used to breathing on your own slowly but surely, as soon enough you won't need those machines and you can breathe in on your own :)

    45 days of wonderful life so far, so many years ahead :) It is so great to hear them keep getting stronger each day, growing and soon to be heading home :)

    Thank you God for watching over these two precious children, as well as your older precious children who are their wonderful parents :)


  3. That has got to be my most favorite picture of Drake yet!!! He looks like he is smiling! I cannot wait to see them again! They are both so precious. Hannah draws your family pictures several times a week. I will have to send you some. She keeps changing out pictures of Drake & Kennedy as her screensaver. She cannot wait to meet her cousins! I'm sure you remember the apnea contraption I had to bring Hannah home from the hospital in. She had bad sleep apnea & I could only take it off her during bath time. Only CPR certified adults could watch her & she stayed on it for 4 months. When it went off it sounded like a smoke detector. It was amazing how fast I could awake from a dead sleep & fly out of bed when it went off! I love you guys & hope things continue to improve each second. They have a huge network of people praying for them, supporting them & encouraging them, as well as you & Brian! If you need anything, please let me know! Hugs!

  4. Yvonne and SydneyAugust 8, 2012 at 6:03 AM

    Annie - that is great news about Drake! Both babies are absolutely gorgeous! Sydney again loved those pictures! We are continuing to say prayers daily. Happy 46th day today!

  5. Great to hear Drake is doing much better and glad to know Kennedy is doing so well on the breathing. If the doctors must do a spinal tap I pray little Drake tolerates that procedure well. Praying you have an uneventful and pleasant day with your babies. <><

  6. They are growing so much it looks like they are getting cute, chubby, little fat rolls on their arms! Praise the Lord for growth!! Continually praying for you all, the doctors, nurses, and anyone who comes along your story- prayers that it shows them the power and sovereignty of God.
    Go Drake and Kennedy!!
    Jonna (from McKinney)