Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day of Rest

Drake and Kennedy have both had a long day of rest to recover from their immunization shots. Slight temperatures were expected so they have both been given Tylenol. If all goes well tomorrow morning with their labs and blood tests, they will be moved to cannulas. I can't believe they might both be ready! Kennedy is definitely ready because she has been trying her best to get out of her CPAP. Even though her arms are swaddled, she wiggles, squirms and turns her head to get the prongs out of her nose. She has also figured out how to use her tongue to get her feeding tube out of her mouth.

Drake has reached 4#! He is not far behind Kennedy who weighed in at 4# 2.7oz. They are getting so big! It is wonderful to see chunky little cheeks!

1) Kennedy pushing her feeding tube out
2) Drake
3) Drake...maybe a future boxer
4) Drake
5) Kennedy


  1. Praying all blood work and tests comes back as desired and thank you God for putting them on cannula :) Thank you for taking care of Drake and Kennedy, healing them so they can leave the NICU and enter the real world and thank you for having their lives touch so many more in the years to come, making such a huge difference in this world :)

    Have an awesome week ahead Gilstrap family... welcome to a great week ahead for all of you!


  2. Drake and Kennedy exude so much personality! I'm glad they are doing so well! Praise God!

  3. They both look ready to get those cpaps outta their noses! Drakes lil boxing pose says it all: "bring on the next challenge! Me and sissy got this!"

    God is awesome and mighty. What a blessing to see these sweet peas get chunkier and chunkier--thanks for sharing--I love seeing them grow and conquer each day!

    May Gods light, love, power and presence continue to surround you all. Praying continuously!

  4. So happy they will both be on the same page! Kennedy has been waiting for Drake to catch up! They want to go home together!!!

    Will be thinking of you today!

    Love - Yvonne and Syd

  5. Such wonderful news. They are both growing so much and doing so well. God is Good! Very happy for you all and continue to pray. Will keep Brian's dad in prayers as well. The babies are beautiful - love the pictures and seeing how far they have come. God Bless you all!