Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Day at a Time

Not much to report today. We're all holding steady. The doctor weaned Kennedy down to 1L on her cannula and she is still on 21% oxygen(room air). Tomorrow he plans to wean her down even more. This should help with her stuffy nose. The cannula is very dry air as opposed to the CPAP which is very humid. The climate change caused her stuffy nose, which prevents her from being able to suck on her pacifier. She was a very sad baby this afternoon when she wanted her pacifier but couldn't have it. Her nurse had me hold her and it was a wonderful feeling to have her stop crying. She switched from mad to happy just by me holding her.

The doctor did not make any changes on Drake. His CO2 level was a little higher than his last check. Therefore, he is staying on his new lower CPAP level of 4 and they will check his levels again on Thursday. If all goes well, he will be moved to cannula by the weekend. Last night he even held his pacifier with both hands for quite some time. That pacifier makes for one happy baby!

1) Kennedy
2) Kennedy
3) Drake


  1. A mother's touch always is so calming... am sure they are both glad when mom holds them :-)

    Glad to hear Drake still is coming along with CPAP :-) Few more days and it is cannula time!

    These two are such a blessing to know. To see all they have gone through in life the short time they have been here and how strong they fight is very touching. These two are very special and will touch many hearts and lives over time. I know they have touched mine and everyone else reading.

    Annie and Brian, I know you two waited a long time for these two, and God just wanted to make the two most perfect children for you two. Your family is truly blessed and I can't wait to see you all grow over the years.

    Thank you God for Drake and Kennedy and your continued protection over them and their family and friends.

  2. I didn't know what to do this morning with my coffee... No precious babies to watch! So happy that they are making great progress and can't wait for you all to come home!

  3. Annie they are beautiful! I know I say that a lot on here, but they truly are two of the cutest babies I have ever seen. I am so glad they are doing so well.

    I am so happy you get to hold your sweet babies and love on them! Trust me you'll be doing that all their lives!

    Love you -

    Yvonne and Sydney

  4. So my daughter turns 7 on Sunday and still sucks her thumb...I never gave her a pacifier, and thats her self soothing mechanism ...hard habit to break! My son on the other hand turns 1 on Saturday (yes oddly enough they almost share a bday)...he never had taken a pacifier or sucked his thumb--but i am still getting up in the middle of the night to calm his crying-- its like me holding him is his soothing mechanism, which isnt self serving for him at all! I am trying to let him cry it out but i cannot stand it! It is the ultimate catch 22 of mothers! I have to admit, i like being his calming source...but i fear im not giving him much for self soothing mechanism options lol! Basically be glad for the binkies! And happy that in binkie absence You can calm them-- isnt having mommy magic exhilarating? :-)

    Babies with stuff noses are such a bummer. I cannot wait to see her all unstuffed and on her own! She is such a pretty little girl-- you are one blessed momma!

    Drake is looking bigger like he is getting more chub--exxellent! He is so cute-- i bet you are super proud of your tough son!

    Prayers for all of you continue! You all are never far from my thoughts!