Saturday, August 25, 2012

Extended Webcam

Since the first few days in Dallas, we have been fortunate to have webcams on the babies isolettes at all times. This has been very much appreciated by not only us but grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a dad at work during the week. Brian calls me every morning when he starts his day, and he tells me that he has already checked on the babies. These cameras are specifically for babies in Giraffe Isolettes. These isolettes are enclosed and provide heat and humidity for micro-preemies. Since our little angels are getting bigger and stronger, they are ready for NICU cribs. This is wonderful because they are big enough and strong enough for this new bed; however, it is sad because we will lose our webcams. We have known for a few weeks now that this was coming. On the day they told us the transition would be made, the I.T. man came by to see me. To my surprise, he wasn't there about losing the cameras, he was there to see if we were willing to help with PR about the cameras. He told me they felt we would be excellent candidates to tell of our experience and how we have enjoyed the webcams since it is new technology to the hospital. The PR people are working with the news here in Dallas and in Tyler for the story. After everything the NICU at Dallas Presby has done for our family, we are happy to be able to help them. Plus, we get an extra week out of the cameras!

Update on shots: Kennedy has completed her shots as of this evening, and Drake's will be complete during the night. So far, they seem to be tolerating them well. The nurses are keeping a close eye on them. If all goes well, they will both be ready for cannula in a few days!

1)Screen shot of Kennedy & Drake from our webcam
3)Kennedy on the webcam
4)Kennedy with mommy holding her paci
5)Drake holding daddy's finger


  1. I am sure it has been so comforting to be able to see them remotely over webcam for Brian... I wonder if we can't get another solution like what is working for the dogs right now :)

    Glad to hear they are doing so great still! Keep up the great work Drake and Kennedy, you two are doing great! So proud you are moving into cribs, just one more big step on your way out of the door of the NICU and into home :)

    Have a great weekend Gilstrap family :)

  2. The Gilstrap twins are celebrities. How exciting. Keeping you in my prayers. Excited they are moving to big cribs and gettig rid of the CPAPs.

    Love ya'll,


  3. I knew that these kids were destined to bless others -- the pr will bring good to families just like yours! Drake and Kennedy already have an amazing story --and you are only 2 months in! I can only imagine what awesomeness God has in store for your family!!

    Keep it up Team Gilstrap! You are on the home stretch i can feel it! Prayers continue!

  4. As a part of the Lewis Family, I grew up with the Gilstrap Family since we were very young. Of course over the years we lost touch and found out about your twins through facebook not that long ago. Your blog is simply amazing! Your dedication to keeping your family in friends in the know is outstanding. What an act of love! My husband and I have now been keeping tabs on your family and including you in our daily prayers. I just wanted you to know that you and your family have touched many lives.

    Anne (Lewis) Masterson

  5. Your sweet babies just continue to grow stronger. I am so amazed by their fighting spirit and continue to prayer for them. So happy to hear that they will be moving to the next "bed", what great news that is! Yet sad that the webcams will be no longer. They provided you such peace of mind and connection to the babies, it's wonderful that you agreed to help with the PR so they can help others, and perhaps in the future the hospital will be able to expand their use. Have a wonderful Sunday Kennedy and Drake, I can't wait to hear how it went :)