Thursday, August 9, 2012

We've Moved

We've moved but not far. We have been in Nursery E for the past 47 days, but today we moved to Nursery B. They are adding curtains to Nursery E so all of the babies have to be moved. The new nursery is not as roomy, but we have more privacy and we even have a spot next to a window!

When I went in this morning to see the babies, Kennedy had a note propped up for daddy. The nurses are so sweet! We had a calm day even with the move. The nurses packed up all of their things and wheeled their isolettes down the hall to the new nursery. Kennedy is still scheduled to try CPAP again very soon. We are going to miss our kangaroo time when they make the switch. That will mean the 72 hours that she will not be able to be moved, but if she is successful on CPAP it will be a huge first down.

Drake is doing good. He is still on antibiotics and his feeds are continuing to go back up. His IV had to be changed today and he was not a happy camper. When I was changing his diaper this evening, he started peeing and I caught it in the new diaper. When I got another new diaper out, he started doing it again. It was really funny! After what we went through for pee, I think we will always be grateful for every drop.

1) Kennedy with note for daddy
2) Drake sleeping


  1. Good reflexes mom!!! Definitely a good sign!

  2. Soaking wet diapers are such a blessing! Who would have thought?!



  3. Welcome to the world of boys! When you get Drake home, keep a supply of extra washcloths by the changing table to stop the fountain - it will happen a lot! But thank God for pee!!
    It is great to hear they are doing so well. Love the note from the nurses - it shows how much they care for you all.
    Prayers for a good CPAP and no spinal tap!

  4. Sounds like you had an exciting day! I'm loving all these praise reports of what God has done and continues to do for you and your sweet babies! Precious pictures of your sweet ones! Prayers continue daily for Team Gilstrap! Love and hugs!

  5. Antibiotics plus pee equals happy parents (and happy fan club) :-)

    So glad to hear great reports each day, slowly but surely they grow and become stronger :-)

    God blessed us all with Drake and Kennedy :-)

  6. I love that sweet note!! And aren't nicu nurses the best?! We still keep up with some of ours! I'm so sorry you guys had to can throw you off a bit! So glad your babies are doing well...I look forward to reading your blog every night. :)

  7. Your family continues to touch me every day! Boys are so different from girls when it comes to diaper changes! ;). I am praying for your sweet little ones...
    Thanks for keeping up with your blog and sharing pictures too. I just love the picture with the note for Brian... So sweet!!!
    Take care,

  8. Go Drake Go!!! Pee all over the place! Your have every right to let go of those 7 days you held it in! Auntie loves you both and cannot wait to hold y'all! Kennedy, you are a doll! I love the pics of you sucking your fingers & hands. You always seem to prefer your left hand...even when you wave. I'm thinking you might be taking after your intelligent cousin Alyssa & just may be another lefty in the family! Hugs to you all!

  9. Kennedy is a finger sucker! My Mav is a thumb sucker...hard habit to quit but so cute when they a babies!

    The pictures are precious, they just get cuter and cuter every day!

    Thanks for sharing, sounds like a good day with your sweet peas

  10. They are so precious! Drake's pee story reminded me of my nephew! He did that the first time my sister brought him home but she didn't catch it and it went all over the wall at my parent's house! We couldn't stop laughing! Love the note. Bet that made Brian's day! Continue to pray for the babies and y'all daily!

    Love- Yvonne and Sydney

  11. Thank you for taking the time to make a post each day. It is good to know your family is maintaining progress. Prayers for you are daily. <><

  12. They are really looking great! I think you will end up with two very determined kiddos! Wishing you the best and stil following daily.

  13. Aww, nursery B was Wesley's nursery!!! Hope yall enjoy it!!!