Monday, August 20, 2012

Another BIG Day!

Our babies began their day getting their eyes dilated for their eye exam. Not something they enjoy, but it is a must. For their gestational age (33wks 5days), they had another good eye exam! Their next one will be in two weeks.

The developmental doctor came to examine both babies today. She walked me through her exam and explained what they look for along the way. She will be coming in to do an exam once a week as long as they are in the hospital. Once we leave, they will have follow up appointments for several years. This is to track their development and is standard for preemies this small. She said both babies did really well, and considering what Drake has been through he is doing remarkable.

Drake is holding steady on CPAP. He has the first 24 hours under his belt (I guess I should say diaper), and he is on to the next. I'm ready to have 72 hours behind us so that I can hold him again. The doctors did not make any changes to his settings or rates today. As the days progress, we hope to see him ween down on the settings. Hopefully before we know it he will be ready for the cannula. Our doctor consulted with the nephrologist (the kidney doctor) at Medical City today about Drake. They have started him on an antibiotic as a preventative against kidney or urinary tack infections until he gets circumcised right before we come home. He will then need to follow up with the nephrologist for several years due to what his kidneys have been through.

Now for the really BIG news...Kennedy moved to cannula today!!! She is doing so good and she looks fantastic! It is wonderful to see her pretty face! Also, I get to hold her more than once per day! It is amazing to have made it to this point. The doctor even said that she will be ready to try bottle feeding soon! Wow! I think I am still in shock. Last night I stood between their isolettes and could not believe that both of our babies were on CPAP. Tonight I have one on CPAP and one that has moved on to cannula. Someday soon they will both be on cannula, and one day at our home without any wires, cords or devices. Kind of hard for me to imagine...that seems like a dream.

1) Kennedy
2) Kennedy
3) Kennedy
4) Kennedy
5) Drake
6) Drake


  1. Oh my goodness! This is such amazing news!!!! I was refreshing the page over and over again tonight looking for updates and this was the best update I could have read I think!
    Kennedy is just beautiful. She is going to have so much fun drinking from her bottle and snuggling with her mama and dada (and brother!)
    And Drake in the first photo looks like he's saying "get this thing off of me-I got this." ;) He is so stinkin' cute.
    I know this blog is a labor of love but I hope you guys keep it up. I feel like a part of the family, as I know so many others do too.
    The Gilstrap's know how to make Monday's great!

  2. GO KENNEDY! Soon she will be off the cannula as well, off all wires, and be FREE from the NICU :)

    GO DRAKE! Kick behind on that CPAP on your first try! Don't let sister get too far ahead and catch up to her :)

    This is such awesome news :) These two are fighting so hard, proving to their parents that they are going to do great in life, and not giving up :) It is so great to hear the great news on them, seeing them growing so much, so strong, and becoming healthier day by day :)

    Thank you God! Please keep healing and protecting our little ones, so they can keep growing and being stronger, able to make it outside the NICU so everyone can go home as a family soon :)

  3. OMG! Tears of joy are running down my face.



  4. Delighting in our Lord's miracles! What a journey your sweet babies have been on since their amazing birth. It is such a joy and blessing to see their progress. I love seeing their sweet little faces in all your pictures. You can already see their little personalities in each picture. It is an honor to pray for them daily. I can't fully express to your family what an impact their strength, tenacity, and fighting spirit has meant to me personally. They have united so many prayer warriors. I know our Father God has spectacular plans for their lives! Many prayers, big hugs, and much love to you and your precious family!

  5. Absolutely the best way to start my day! Thank you for inspiring me every morning! Kennedy is beautiful and Drake is amazing (and quite handsome)! Showed Syd the pictures yesterday and told her how well Drake did on his first CPAP try. She said of course he did - he's got his lucky elephant on! She will be thrilled to see Kennedy has a lucky elephant onesie too!

    Continued love and prayers for you all every day! Keep it up babies! Cannot wait to share your good news with my baby today (whom by the way wearsyour bracelet daily) She can't wait to meet you!

    Yvonne and Sydney

  6. Way to go, Kennedy and Drake!! I'm so happy to be reading the wonderful news this morning and I hope and pray they continue to make big strides in development. I remember seeing my 24-weeker's entire face for the first time when he graduated to the cannula and it was so amazing.

  7. Wow!!! Great news! I love that your babies are in my thoughs and prayers everyday! I am so thankful they are progressing so well!! What a blessing these two are!! Keep up the good work Drake and Kennedy!!!

  8. Beautiful and miraculous! We love you guys and are counting down the days until you get to come home!


  9. So happy for y'all! Can't wait to see pictures of them all wrapped up at home with no tubes or wires-it's closer than you think! Keep believing and we'll keep praying.

    Angela Piper &
    St. Andrews McKinney's Daughters of the King

  10. Oh Annie <3 That's such a blessing! Praying daily for your sweet family.

  11. Tiffany Butler RobertsAugust 21, 2012 at 12:04 PM

    So amazing to hear they are doing so well and making progress! I know you look forward to having them home without any wires or tubes. It will be here before too long. You are both strong and Drake and Kennedy are lucky to have you! We will keep praying for the babies and your family.

  12. awesome news Annie they are both so beautiful!!! i can see there pretty faces!!!

    1. Annie GOD IS GOOD !!! they are both so beautiful!!!

  13. This is so awesome. Beautiful Babies.

  14. Kennedy looks gorgeous without those tubes! They are both looking chubby! Yay!

    So happy for the triumphs your family is experiencing and I pray for zillions more!

  15. Wow it has been a long day and before calling it a night I had to check on the Drake and Kennedy Team. I am going to sleep with such a feeling of praise for your doctors, your babies, and the Good Lord Himself...what lovely miracles are these two darlings. Prayers continue for their continued good progress. Beautiful picture of them both.