Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Cry

Late last night when Brian and I were saying goodnight to our precious babies, we heard it...Kennedy crying. It wasn't very loud and she sounded pretty hoarse, but she was definitely crying. This was a much awaited sound. On the day they were born, the doctors warned us that they would not cry when they were delivered. This was true. Drake did not make a sound, and Kennedy did not cry either. However, she did make a squeaking sound, which surprised everyone in the O.R. Here in the NICU we've seen her upset with a crying face before, but this was the first time we had ever actually heard the sound of her cry.

Today has been a day of rest for our babies. Kennedy is still doing well on the CPAP machine. Although, she hates wearing it. Tomorrow will be day 3! Way to go, Kennedy! She is such a strong little girl. Drake has done well today also. The doctors have decided to wait on the spinal tap for now. If they try again, it will be tomorrow or Tuesday. When Drake and I were kangarooing today, his doctor came by to talk to me. She was telling me that every time she reads over his medical notes from when he was so sick, she is still amazed by his recovery.

Our first two babies, our dog babies (Harlee & Ella), have been staying with my sister and her husband since the day Drake and Kennedy were born. They drove to Tyler to pick them up, and it has been a load off of our minds to know they are in good hands. They each sent a special message to us in pictures included below.

1) Brian holding Drake
2) Drake all stretched out
3) Ella with her sign
4) Harlee with his sign


  1. Great to hear Kennedy cry, something that seems so normal, being so significant in her case :) I'm sure it is the first of many times you will hear her cry :)

    Glad to see Kennedy is doing great on the CPAP, keep it up little girl :) You can do it!!! :)

    Another week has gone by, yet so much has gone good this week, and so much ahead for these two. You four are going to have so much ahead of you, and so many happy times to have, that these first few weeks of life will be put behind you so soon, as you enjoy the many years ahead of FUN together :)

    God bless all of you, and may he keep watching over and protecting you all :)

  2. Go Kennedy Go!!! Harlee & Ella are so proud!

  3. Great job Kennedy! Keep it up girl! So happy you've had a good day too Drake! Today Syd wanted to scroll through all the pictures and as we did and the sound of oh they're so cute rang through the house...she cannot wait to meet them in person. I think you might have a babysitter when the twins get older! Love the puppies signs! I know they are ready to see their new brother and sister.

    Sending prayers and love to you all.

  4. I hadn't thought about them not crying yet! Music to your ears for now I am sure! Jist wait until the tears come with, that first crocodile tear is a killer.

    So pleased that Kennedy is having a successful go at the CPaP! Very excited for all of you, especially her.

    Dr is right, Drake is just a miracle. Look out for this kid, he is destined for great things!

  5. Annie,

    I've been keeping up with your blog and have kept you guys in my prayers... I love seeing the pictures of the babies growing, and know that God has you his hands, truly! You have such beautiful babies!

    Sending continued prayers,

  6. Annie-Please read this.....You are doing a great job as a new mother!! Keep it up! It is a wonderful journey.....every single day! Praying for you guys!

  7. Tears of joy, tears of praise, and tears of happiness are flowing for your sweet babies! What a beautiful sound Kennedy's cry must have been to your ears! Prayers continue!

  8. I CANNOT wait to see pics of Drake and Kennedy with Ella and Harlee in the future. Those babies and these pups are going to be best of friends!