Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now We Wait

Both the CVC and CRP tests came back with normal results this afternoon. This is good. They will repeat these tests again in the morning to make sure things still look ok. His cultures have been sent off and now we wait to see if something grows. His doctor doesn't think it will be a blood infection but does think it could be a urinary track infection or an ear infection. The antibiotics should take care of either of these. If it is a UTI, we will need to bring in a urologist because of the problems Drake has already faced with his kidneys. It could also mean another spinal tap, but let's hope not. So for now, we wait. The good news is that he has not been acting sick, and he even pulled his CPAP tube out today...twice. Other than his one high temperature the rest have been fine. In fact, his doctor said if it were any other baby they would just monitor closely but with Drake we are not taking any chances.

Kennedy is still on cannula and they are hoping to lower her settings tomorrow. She is already on minimal settings with 1L and 21% oxygen (room air). She had a tummy ache today and was a little fussy. The nurses said the higher calories added to her milk can cause that. A nice warm blanket on her tummy seems to sooth her and she falls asleep. Although when she is awake, she is usually up to mischief. She pulled her feeding tube and cannula out today. She also scooted herself to the bottom of her crib mattress, and her nurse and I watched her lift her head up and turn it. She surprised her nurse with how strong she is for such a little girl.

Late last night, I was informed that the babies would be moved to cribs and lose their webcams. They have not heard back from the news crews about the webcam story and they are in need of the giraffe beds. The positive thing is that our babies are ready for cribs. We are so thankful that they are both big enough and strong enough to move to hospital cribs, and we completely understand that they need the giraffe beds for smaller less stable babies. I guess this means I better take extra pictures to send Brian each day since he will not be able to log in and view them. I know that is how he likes to start his morning off each day.

1) Kennedy
2) Kennedy in her big girl crib
3) Kennedy with mommy
4) Kennedy
5) Drake in his big boy crib
6) Drake


  1. We were allowed to put up a mobile for Blake once he moved into a crib. The Tiny Love brand has one with Black and white swirls which is what they can see and also has pops of color. He is four and still uses the music box part at night to help him fall asleep bc it is soothing. It kept him entertained in his nicu crib. Enjoy your beautiful babies and praying everything is ok with Drake!

  2. Big boy and big girl cribs! What wonderful news. I hate that you are losing the webcam though. Surely we know enough people in technology that we could fix that!!! Praying for good news on Drake and hoping Kennedy keeps getting stronger! The milestones your babies make each day is an inspiration!

    Lots of love -

    Yvonne and Syd

  3. I failed to check the blog during day yesterday, i am sorry i missed the alert for Drake...but it appears he is well enough to make trouble--such a boy!! I will pray that whatever it is leaves his little body, poor sweet Drake needs a break!

    Im sorry yall lost the web cams, but not sorry that you guys dont need the nicu beds! That is exciting! and how adorable do they both look in those cribs?! Another big step towards the finishline for Team D&K!

    Keep up the good work mommy and daddy--those babies are doing so well bc of your strong love and commitment to your family--they can feel it :-)...prayers and blessings for you all.

  4. Awwww, that is the first picture I have seen of either baby without a blanket wrapped around. It really shows how tiny Kennedy is. I am so glad they are moving up, but sad for their daddy that he can't see them any time he wants. I'm praying for Drake. Fortunately we already know your kiddos are tiny little fighters!

  5. Moving on up.... to a crib :) WOO HOO! One more giant step in their journey to escape the NICU :) Soon they will be crawling around at home, getting into trouble, and each time you catch them you two will only smile knowing how much it took to get them to the point of crawling around :)

    Drake will get through this latest issue like he always does... he just wants the attention from all the nurses :) As he grows up, he is going to be the center of attention everywhere :)

    Kennedy is doing great! It is so cute to see her constantly kicking out her cannula and feeding tube... she is trying to tell everyone she is ready to go home, but the doctors know she needs a bit more time, just keep up the great work Kennedy :)

    Let's all be thanking and praising God that these two have come so far and are doing great, and will shortly be leaving the NICU and heading home, ready to drive mommy and daddy crazy :)

    Go Drake! Go Kennedy! Keep up the great work you two :)

  6. If you have iPhones maybe you can get the iBaby monitor and put it in at the hospital then have take it with you of course to use at home when they go home.

  7. Just want you to know that we are still checking in niightly! I'm sure everything is going to check out fine with Drake and he will be well in no time. They are so cute in their new cribs. They make the cribs look gigantic! BTW, we love Elizabeth! Bennett is very happy staying with her and I have peace of mind :). Thank you for that! Prayers for all and please let Brian know we are still thinking about his Dad. I hope he is healing :)