Friday, August 3, 2012

A Dip In The Road

Tonight's report was going to be about another nice calm day and an exciting return of daddy; however, we have hit a dip in he road. Basically Drake does not seem to be feeling well. He is requiring more oxygen tonight than he has had all day. He has had several incidents of desatting, which is concerning to the doctors. Several tests have been ordered and they just finished with some X-rays and blood draws. Hopefully we will know more soon.

I started my day speaking to both the regular doctor and the orthopedic surgeon. He decided to aspirate (stick a needle in and drain fluid from) his knee and send it for cultures. We should know by Monday if there is an infection. We pray for negative results! In order to do this, Drake needed sedation and pain medication. They had to place an IV on his scalp, as his veins in the wrists, arms, and legs are not ready yet. It is hard to see our baby with IVs period, but somehow it is harder when it's on their head.

Kennedy is doing good and was able to wear a cute onesie today. She is up to 3# 5oz! Such a big girl! Drake is still holding steady at 3# and we know he will start gaining weight soon. They moved Drake up to 24 calories with his milk today like sister so that should help in the weight gaining department.

Pictures: 2 pictures of Kennedy in her outfit, Drake with eyes open and one with his eyes closed


  1. We are continuing to pray for both Drake and Kennedy, I will send an extra prayer tonight for Drake. He's a fighter, and will continue to fight. I hope the tests are able to help the doctors help Drake out more. Love the photos and the daily updates, I'm always checking every morning to see what was posted the night before. Sending prayers and hugs!

  2. Hi little Drake! I am so sorry you have had a hard day. I had to have something aspirated one time, and I didn't like it, and I was a grown-up. I hope it helps your knee feel better. I know you just want everyone to just leave you alone so you can get some rest......that is except for when your daddy talks to you and you get to snuggle up to your mommy. I'm going to say extra prayers for you so those yucky needles can stay far away from you. You have been such a big boy to put up with all that poking and yanking. I love you, sweet boy.
    Miss Kennedy, you sure look cute in that little onesie. You just look so grown up. I love the picture of your hands with that one little finger in your mouth. It's fun to discover all the many things about yourself. When my little granddaughter discovered her hands,she had such a good time looking at them. Then later, she found her belly button, and she still has fun playing with it! I love you, too, baby girl.
    Now you two have a good time with your Daddy this weekend. I know you are so excited to see him, and I just bet he couldn't wait to get there to see the two of you and your sweet mommy. Hugs!

  3. I'm so sorry Drake had a rough day. I wouldn't feel good either after all that. Prayers are being sent that tomorrow is a new and better day. Love you all!!


  4. I will step up the prayers for Drake. I do not know all those terms but I can imagine all that poking and needles and such, upset the delicate balance for the tiny guy. I am thankful there are two of you to see the challenge through this weekend. God has it, we know this but still it is hard when it so tugs at your heart. I will keep praying for your precious family. I hope the worries back off again and soon:)

  5. Praying the cultures come back negative. Drake is such a strong little guy. They are both so beautiful. We will continue our prayers for all of you.

    Love -

    Yvonne and Sydney

  6. Prayers of comfort for Drake have been sent. I bet he is just a little weary from the pain meds and the lnee draining. God is in controll, we will see him gaining weight and feeling better in no time!

    Kennedy is precious in her little clothes. They are both so cute! And u are right they are very distinct ...I bet we could tell them apart even without the pink and football accessories :-)

    Prayers are going strong

  7. Drake and Kennedy are doing great! Bumps in the road are going to keep coming, but that is why we have doctors to get them over the bumps :)

    Glad to see Brian is back and you are all one big happy family again, am sure the babies are glad to see daddy :)

    Have a great weekend :)