Monday, August 27, 2012

Cannula - Take Two

Kennedy made the move from CPAP to cannula today! This morning just before she was moved to cannula we had quite a scare. I heard a monitor alarming and looked around to see who it was. To my surprise, it was Kennedy. Her heart rate had dropped. I immediately began rubbing her feet. No luck. The head nurse walked in and told me turn her head, which I did. Still no luck. At this point her saturation level began alarming too. The head nurse jumped in and began working on her. The respiratory therapist jumped in there with her too. She had to bag her with the hand held equipment. The doctor came in and all three were working on her. Kennedy was so pale. I was standing back out of the way and my heart was in my stomach. We still don't know what caused this episode, but it may have been water from her tube that choked her. The doctor went ahead and moved her to cannula. She is doing great! She is breathing 21% oxygen (room air) and her saturations are wonderful.

After the doctor examined Drake this morning, she determined that he wasn't quite ready for cannula. We were just talking last night about him not being ready; therefore, we were not surprised by this. A few more days on CPAP will do him good. He has been weaned down to a CPAP level of 4 from a 5 yesterday. This has gone well so far. As long as he has his pacifier, he is a happy camper.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake
3) Kennedy
4) Drake
5) Kennedy
6) Drake


  1. Sorry to hear about her episode this morning. I know how scary it is to watch helplessly when those occur. I remember that happening a couple of times to each of my twins from the water.

    What great news that Kennedy is on cannula and at 21%! Awesome! It sounds like Drake is doing great too and working hard to catch up with his sister. I wonder if your Drs will move Kennedy's og tube to an ng tube. I think maybe they have to be on cannula for a while first, but she may like that better since she is trying to push the og tube out. I am continuing to pray for your sweet babies and enjoy reading all about their progress.

  2. My son used to dsat all the time from water condensation build up in his tubing. It is amazing how much damage one little drop of water can cause. It got to where I was watching his canister and dumping it myself when I started to see water build up on there. So glad Kennedy is doing better and praying she doesn't give you anymore scares. Looking forward to when both sweeties will be on cannulas!

  3. Kelly started her year with Jennifer today and while we miss you, seeing how great the babies are doing and how precious you all are together reminds me of God's perfect plan. And Jenn and Lisbeth are going to be great for Kelly - she is excited about the 4th grade! So everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be:)
    It is so neat to see Kennedy's beautiful face without the CPAP blocking it. Drake won't be far behind - maybe he is just being a gentleman and letting the lady go first.
    Can't wait to see your beautiful family on TV!

  4. So happy to hear that Kennedy is okay, and hope you are doing okay after that scare earlier today. I can only imagine how hard that is to stand back and watch, but glad that she is okay now.

    Great job Kennedy on going to cannula! Drake, watch your sister and learn, so you can graduate to cannula soon as well :)

    God, keep watching over these two, protecting them from harm, and helping them grow strong to take on anything life throws their way. Keep watching over their parents, doctors, family, and friends, and helping all be strong for these two precious gifts.

  5. Well Annie, if you didn't have gray hair before... You've definitely earned some now!
    So happy to see that pretty girls face again! Drake will be right behind!

  6. Oh my! You did have quite a morning. Very happy Kennedy is okay! It was strange not seeing your face in the halls. Cannot wait to see you and the babies when you get back to Tyler!

    Stay strong babies! We love you all!

    Yvonne and Sydney

  7. What a scary episode. I am so sorry the both of you had to endure that...sometimes Trey sleeps so soundly that it freaks me out enough that I juggle him awake...gosh, i can only inagine how you were feeling. I thank God for your quick actong medical staff. Do they get to come off feeding tubes once they breath in their own?

    Drake is such a man already-- they do things when they are good and ready. He will be joining sissy off if cpap soon, just make sure you act like it was all his idea that way we dont bruise any egos ;-)

    You all are almost home. I bet the anxiousness and excitement is barely bearable! I will pray for your peace of mind over the next few weeks and that your sweet babies continue with their amazingown strength to flourish!