Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rocky Road

This morning started off with us wondering how Drake did overnight. Hoping for a good night, we have come a cross another rocky patch in our journey.

The doctors have been running blood tests on Drake, looking at the different things that could preface an infection. There are several things they saw that initiated them to begin antibiotics as a precautionary measure. They have drawn several cultures and sent them off, but will not know if there is an infection present or not for at least a couple of days. To top it off, Brian was not able to hold Drake today because of all's something he has been looking forward to all week long while he was in Houston.

Something else that the doctor discovered during her routine examination this morning, our poor little boy has inguinal hernias. This is something that can only be fixed with a surgical procedure. The doctors and nurses said this is very common in premature boys because their muscles down there are very weak. They usually wait until right before they go home and use local anesthesia. To us, it seems this little fighter has been through more in the last 42 days than most people experience in a lifetime.

Sweet Kennedy has been doing so good. The doctors are prepping her for another try on the CPAP. She was eating every three hours before, and now she is on a continual slow feed. It is the same amount of milk but stretched out to give her more time to digest. She will also begin some lung treatments this week in preparation for her next go at the CPAP. We believe in you, Kennedy!

Pictures: Kennedy sleeping, mommy & Drake, Kennedy in a new outfit, big diaper on Drake, a happy baby boy


  1. We will continue to pray for Drake and Kennedy. Your journey with your two greatest blessings is being captured every day. It is something one day that you can look back on and tell them "Look how strong you were!"

    Sending you love and hugs. Hope for good news in the morning.

  2. Poor Drake he is Avery strong baby I don't think a grown mam could go through what this little guy has. We have all been praying for your wee babes and mommy and daddy we love you all and jere if you need us . Meema

  3. I love to look at pictures of Kennedy and see what she's doing with her hands like in the pictures you just posted. She is so cute. I LOVE these pictures of Drake and his big diaper. He looks so content resting on his mommy. It was neat to see the back of his head in one of the pictures and get a look at all that dark hair. Prayers of thanksgiving for all progress these little troopers have made. We will pray for good results from Drake's tests and that the precautionary antiobiotic will "nip in the bud" any bad bacteria. Maybe he just needs his daddy to hold him. I pray that special time will happen for the two of them tomorrow.

  4. I have confidence and faith that Amazing Drake will conquer this rocky road. I am praying for the Drs to have clear and focused minds, and for the nurses steady hands. I pray for your peace ofhave mind and continued resilience as exemplary parents. Iin pray for Kennedy's continued success and that she thrives and encourages her brother to do the same! And I lift up any fears or doubts regarding the work God is doing . I am praying any ailments or infirmities be brought away from each of you.

    Praying with purposeful intent for you all.

  5. Psalms 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God" and right now we just need to pray and keep trusting God as we have all been doing. A few weeks ago, the doctors gave us news that Drake had 24 hours if he didn't urinate and a whole week later, Drake started his kidneys back up and that little fighter started to pee like crazy. God heard our prayer and healed his child.

    Right now, we just need to keep praying, trusting God, and giving Drake and Kennedy to God. He has been watching over these precious babies for 42 days so far and already knows who their guardian angels are for their lives. Drake and Kennedy are in the best hands of all right now, our loving God.

    Drake, don't listen to any negative words you may hear those doctors say right now, as I know you are a fighter and you never quit. Stay strong and get past this bump in the road as well and know God is by your side the entire time. He knows that one day you will be out four wheeling with daddy and having a great time, because you like adventure. Keep fighting Drake and show your mommy and daddy how tough you are little man! I believe in you!

    Kennedy, keep doing so great and being strong so your mommy and daddy can take care of Drake, as one day it will be Drake watching over you as the best big brother ever! He might annoy you with comments on your Facebook but you will know he loves you. Keep growing sweet girl and be daddy's girl and mommy's little princess.

    Brian and Annie, you two are doing so great and I know this is another rough spot and am praying for God to keep giving you strength. Remember him healing Drake a few weeks ago and continue to pray and believe for his healing. God has this under control, just keep the faith. Hopefully I can give both of you a hug later and encourage you somehow.

    Thank you God for healing Drake and getting him past this rough spot and for protection in the days ahead. Thank you for watching over Kennedy as well

  6. That diaper is bigger than he is!!! So cute!

  7. Prayers continue daily for your family. May God and the antibiotic kick any troublesome infections out of little Drake's body. I too hope his Daddy gets to hold him today. May God keep you calm.

  8. These babies are the cutest babies ever!!!! Love seeing these pictures. Praying for good news from the doctors. Drake exemplifies a true fighter! Such strong babies! Thanks again for sharing your journey with us.
    The Ogrodniks