Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Shower

Such a fantastic day! I was able to have the baby shower that had been postponed in June. It was wonderful to be surrounded by friends & family! Drake and Kennedy are all set for when they are able to come home!

Both Drake and Kennedy have had good days. This is such a blessing! Kennedy's feeds have been increased again and Drake's calories have been increased. The doctor is even talking about giving Drake a try on CPAP tomorrow or Monday. This is even sooner than we thought. Hopefully Drake will be successful on the first try.

After returning from my amazing shower today, Brian and I were able to get some quality time with the babies! A perfect ending to a fun day.

1)Daddy & Kennedy
4)Mommy & Drake


  1. Glad to hear you finally got your baby shower! Hopefully you got everything you wanted and then some :) Very soon you can bring these two home and start using all the gifts you received and it is going to be great :)

    It is great to keep hearing such good news... right now we can keep praying and thanking God for having them progress so awesomely :) Each new day is a blessing and a relief right now, as instead of having to worry if they are okay, we can praise God for each new milestone in their life achieved :)

    The pictures are so happy to see every day, each day they are growing slightly, their bodies being made ready for the outside world, and can't wait to see them running around and playing, coming up to visit the NICU and saying hi to all their doctors and nurses who took care of them :)

    God bless all of you Gilstrap family :) You are all in everyone's thoughts and prayers daily :)

  2. Baby shower and a good day as a family! I bet you are still on cloud 9.

    God has big plans for the four of you, and I am so happy for you all. Keep it up Team Gilstrap-- you are an inspiration !!!

    Prayers for continued triumphs and blessed days!

  3. <>< God we thank you for all your miracles. Praying all goes well on Drake's CPAP attempt.

  4. So happy for you and the babies! Every time Syd sees pictures of them she always talks about their hair! She is loving their hair. She forgot her bracelet at home yesterday and was so sad. Continued prayers for good news!

    Love - Yvonne and Sydney

  5. I am so happy you spent time away with family and friends to get showered with gifts and love, how fun!! I am even more elated that Drake and Kennedy are doing so well! That must be such a relief for Brian when he has to leave for work. We still continue to pray for your miracle babies that they will remain on this path and continue to grow and stay healthy!

  6. It was so great yesterday seeing you smile and laugh. Drake and Kennedy will be the best dressed babies for a very long time! I love looking at their features and seeing how much they have developed and grown. Keep up the great work!!



  7. I go to your blog first thing every morning and right before bed always praying for good news and Thanking God for all the progress these two little ones have made. I look forward to the day they can go home and begin life in their home with their Mommy and Daddy. Till then praising God for all he has done and continues to do in their life and ours. What an inspiration they have been in my life and I am sure others as well. Marsha

  8. They definitely inspire us all. I am proud to say I have witnessed a miracle with my own eyes. I look forward to the "superbowl"....the WINNING TOUCHDOWN...the day you and Brian get to take your babies home and be an even closer family. You both are in for the ride of your lives and I cannot wait to see yall experience it...thru this blog. Hooray for good days...praying there are more to follow.