Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2 Steps Forward & 1 Step Back

Kennedy had a minor setback today. She was moved back to CPAP from cannula. She was working too hard to breathe which had the potential to cause other problems. It was better to move her back to CPAP for a little bit than run the risk of causing reintubation later. This really is only a minor setback and she will be back on cannula soon. The good news is that I was able to hold her this morning while she was still on cannula. Definitely a highlight to my day. I was even able to stand up and place her back into her isolette without assistance from a nurse or respiratory therapist. That was definitely a first for me! I know we will be able to do that again in the near future. Now that she is back on CPAP, the 72 hour wait begins again before I can hold her.

Drake is still doing great on his CPAP! They removed his backup rate today and he handled it like a champ! He completed his 72 hour wait period today and I was finally able to hold him again! Another bright spot in my day! When the respiratory therapist was changing out his tape and hat for CPAP (just putting fresh ones on), I was able to snap a picture of his face. I got one of Kennedy today when they switched her back as well.

Last night we had quite a scare. Brian's dad had a heart attack and was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in San Antonio. While I was sitting in our NICU nursery with our babies, I was praying for Brian's dad to be alright. Finally, I received a call that his dad was in recovery after a stint was placed in his heart. He is still in the hospital, but he is doing much better. He likes to do everything for himself so I am sure he is driving the nurses crazy. Please keep him in your prayers as well.

1) Drake's sweet face
2) Drake with fresh CPAP garb
3) Kennedy on cannula this morning
4) Kennedy's precious face


  1. Those are two precious faces! I think Drake looks a lot like daddy and kennedy like mommy! So neat how genetics work! Such blessings! Im not worried about Kennedy or Drake anymore- they have this growing up thing down pat, little steps back arent going to deture them!!

    Teresa text me about their dad on her way last night-- scary! I prayed extra hard last night! Drake and Kennedy need g'pa to be healthy to chase them around-- apparently God agreed--i am glad he is recovering well!

    My prayers go out for your whole family-- i admire the strength you each face lifes trials with-- inspiring!

  2. Praying for Brian's dad to be okay right now, as Drake and Kennedy need their grandpa to help show them the ropes, as he showed Brian things growing up :) Glad to hear he is recovering right now, and am sure he will be encouraged by those two beautiful faces waiting for him to get better :)

    Glad to hear Drake is doing great on CPAP, and don't let Kennedy worry you, she is just letting her brother catch up so they can share the joys of CPAP together. Together they will both conquer this hurdle as they have done so many hurdles in the past, and will be back to cannula soon and shortly afterwards, breathing totally on their own :)

    Praying for all the Gilstraps right now, both grandpa Gilstrap, Brian and Annie, and Drake and Kennedy... that all of you are protected by God, and everyone else in your lives, is watched over and blessed right now.

  3. So precious! Kennedy is just waiting for Drake to get on the same page with her - its a twin thing!!! Praying for Brian's family. Happy to hear they were able to fix the situation.

    Continued prayers for you all!

    Yvonne and Syd