Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Steps

Both Drake and Kennedy are making baby steps forward in their progress. This is a very good thing and a welcomed relief for Brian and me. I love hearing the doctor tell me, "They look really good." This is music to my ears after the previous daily run-downs, briefings, questions and procedures.

Drake's culture has not grown anything in the 48hrs of observation! He will complete his antibiotics on Saturday and his IV will come out! They were able to come down on his respiratory rate a little today and he has tolerated that well. Hopefully in two weeks he will have weened down enough that he can try CPAP. They will be checking his blood level in the morning to see if he will need another transfusion. We are praying his little body has started making enough blood of his own to not require another transfusion. Any time a transfusion is needed, all feeds are put on hold and then slowly started back up. In the event of a transfusion, he will also require an additional IV for fluids while the transfusion takes place.

Kennedy, oh, Kennedy! She has given her sweet nurse a run for her money today. She managed to pull her feeding tube out...not just once, but twice today. Each time resulting in a complete change of clothes and bedding. I guess one outfit just wasn't enough for today...she is a girl. She is doing really well on her CPAP! If she keeps this up, she will be ready for the cannula in no time. We know she can do it!

1) Drake all snuggled in
2) Kennedy blowing bubbles


  1. Kennedy is getting chunky cheeks! And get used to the multiole outfits--you should see my daughters floor!

    Yay Drake, good jobi buddy!! Pic is so sweet--love his eyes. So deep and reflective.

    Praying for your continued triumphs there in the nicu.

  2. Kennedy cracks me up! Her fiesty personality is already emerging. She is going to be a handful! Lol. Drake is such a strong boy & I'm so proud of him and Kennedy both! Love y'all and love the photos!!

  3. I can't wait to see those sweet babies again! So awesome to hear about all their progress! We love and miss you all!!!!


  4. Twice as much to love are your two blessings from above!



  5. So glad to see how well they are doing. Now that she knows how to get her tube out she will keep going for it! They had to keep my son swaddled all the time because he hated his feeding tube and jerked it out every day...not good bc it had to be passed through his stomach and into his duodenum which meant he had to get daily xrays to check the tubes placement. They are both such strong fighters and gifts from God! We continue to pray for them both every day and look forward to the day you can take them both home!

  6. She didn't like the first outfit, mom!!! ...and the tubes just get in the way of her dancing!
    Such a sweet picture of Drake. He is looking more and more like Brian every day! Lol
    Love and miss you guys!

  7. That is so a girl thing! Syd changes up to 4 times a day for no reason at all! And shoes....just wait til she discovers shoes and how to accessorize! We were at Bling yesterday getting new school shirts made for football games and Syd was finding all sorts of clothes for Kennedy! (Not much at Bling for boys!)

    Great news about Drake! He is ready to catch back up with sister! Continued prayers for all of you!

    Hugs and love -

    Yvonne and Sydney

  8. WOW this is all such great news!!!!! Praise God!!!

  9. Great to hear that the doctors are happy with things, that is always a great thing to hear :)

    Drake and Kennedy, keep up the great work, and keep going :) Make your parents smile and be relieved that you two are just going along smooth :)

  10. What great news! So happy to hear that there is no sign of infection. Praying he will not need another transfusion and will be on his way to CPAP in no time. And, how exciting that Kennedy is well on her way to a cannula. It's so exciting when they get to the cannula because you can see their pretty little faces so much better. It's also so much easier to hold them. I love reading your updates and continue to pray for your sweet babies.

  11. They look beautiful! It is truly miraculous how far they've come! Every calm day is a blessing & I love reading about their progress. Way to go!

    Julie Cathey

  12. I am so thankful that they are both improving so well! We will definitely keep the prayers up!

    Holly Chilek