Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mixed Feelings

Our day began very early. We hurried into the nursery at 5am eagerly anticipating Brian's first time to hold Drake. Those plans were put on hold as we found out that his tummy was distended to 28cm instead of the 26cm it had been every other measure. What did this mean? Possible intestinal blockage or infection? So, we waited for the night doctor to come examine him and for X-rays to be taken. During this time, Drake dirtied 3 diapers. His tummy began looking better and the X-rays were clear. Finally, daddy was able to hold his son! I have never seen two happier guys. Drake was completely content with his daddy and his levels were all outstanding.

Later in the afternoon it was time for the dreaded spinal tap. Two different doctors attempted, but both tries we unsuccessful. This means they will have to try again in a couple of days. Poor baby boy! Little Drake has endured so much more than he should ever have to.

Mid morning they moved Kennedy back to CPAP. This is her third attempt, but she is much bigger and much stronger. So far, she has done really well. Luckily, before the CPAP contraption was placed on her head, we were able to snap some quick pictures!

1&2) Drake and Daddy
3&4) Kennedy


  1. I've never been so happy for soiled diapers as I have been this past month!
    What a wonderful photo of the boys bonding.
    And so happy for Kennedy!
    Keep it up guys.
    Still lifting you and your parents and all your dr.'s and nurses up every day.

  2. Go Kennedy! Show that CPAP you can beat it on the third try! :) They do say that the third time is the charm, let's keep that saying going :)

    Glad to hear that Drake's tummy issue was just him needing to use the restroom, and hopefully the next spinal tap goes well and is successful.

    Glad to see Brian get to hold Drake finally, am sure that was a very beautiful moment and was great bonding time for the two of them :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend back together as a family! :)

  3. The picture of drake and daddy is definately represtative of a big score! I am so happy for the guys, and for your see these milestones is such a blessing!

    Kennedy is definitely the sweetest frog princess ever! Both of them are cuter by the second!

    I am sorry todays procedure was unable to be completed -- i am sure you just want it over with! God is in control and His timing is best for Drake, He made these babies extra tough! And its a blessing babies dont remember much from each passing minute. You are both doing the right thing for your kids--linsten to Him and he will give you peace and perfect timing

    Cannot wait for Kennedys successful conquering of the next hurdle. These kids are incredible! Go Drake! Go Kennedy!

    Prayers are consistant!

  4. The look on Brian's face says it all! How wonderful that he could hold his little boy. The pictures you have taken are beautiful... hope Kennedy did well on her CPAP. Continued prayers for you all!

  5. Look at all that hair! It is almost time for Drake to have a haircut :) Love the pics. There is so much positive good news in your post. Brian holding Drake, Kennedy is ready for another CPAP attempt, and the spinal tap is a precautionary measure. God is so Great! Love ya'll!!


  6. Good to know most of Saturday went well.I am praying that your Sunday is a blessed one and that Miss Kennedy does well on her CPAP machine; and that IF the dreaded spinal tap is necessary that the next attempt is a success ( maybe ask that next doctor to pray with you before the attempt?). You are an amazing and inspiring young family. Thank you for sharing updates. Still praying in Georgia for your family. <><