Friday, August 24, 2012


Being two months old means it's time for their first round of immunizations. Shots are not fun for anyone so you can imagine how Drake and Kennedy reacted. They each will be receiving 5 different immunizations combined into 3 injections. These 3 shots will be administered over the next 36 hours. One shot every 12 hours. As with any baby receiving immunizations, there could be side effects such as a fever. They will be given Tylenol to help with the reaction to the shots. We are glad they are still on CPAP for the shots because it will provide greater support than the cannula. Some babies react so badly to these immunizations that it becomes a major set back placing them back on the ventilator. We definitely do not want that to happen. The doctor did tell us that they plan to move both Drake and Kennedy to cannula next week!

Drake's CPAP has been weaned down to a 4 and he is doing great with this change. His feeds have been increased to 35cc every 3 hours and they are gradually going up on his calories. He has done great with this! Digestion has always been his strength. He loves to eat! Other than that, he has just been resting and loving attention from mommy and daddy.

Kennedy's CPAP has also been weaned down to a 4 and she is doing wonderful with the change. The doctors have moved her back up to the higher calories. When I was holding Drake, she became very fussy and her nurse was not having any luck settling her. As soon as Brian went over and began talking to her, she immediately calmed down. She just wanted her daddy.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Kennedy
4) Drake with his face squished by CPAP


  1. That story about Kennedy is just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

    I'm so glad everyone is doing well.

    As always, we are praying for you Gilstrap family.

  2. It is amazing that shots can be a happy milestone. Glad things are going well.

  3. Wow, it's hard to even imagine they're ready for shots just like other 2 mo old babies!! They are just growing & growing! That last picture of Drake actually looks like he's smiling! They are both as beautiful as can be! I am so happy of y'all getting to bring them home in the near future. I'm sure it's still all just an amazing dream with everything you all have been through, and so quickly! I saw my dad, grandma & grandpa tonight & had printed every picture posted of the babies for them to go through since gma doesn't do computers. No one can believe how much they've changed since they were born. I was going to send you copies for their baby books or if/when you have time to scrap them but gma was packing them up to take them home to bragg about them! Lol love you all!

  4. Great to hear they are getting their shots, being big babies now :) Just a few more weeks and they will be out in the real world, away from the NICU, experiencing life :)

    It is cute to see Kennedy calmed by her daddy, can see her being such a daddy's girl and I doubt he will complain a bit about that :)

    Drake and Kennedy have come so far, and can't wait to see them on cannula and then get off it eventually :)

    Have a great weekend Gilstrap family! :)

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  6. So awesome how wonderful they are doing. My four month old just got his second round of shots today too. So if they haven't told you already, once they come home, for the first year through flu season they will both receive Synagis shots every month. It protects preemies lungs against RSV and other airborn viruses like pneumonia. The shots are not fun to get because of the shot size but they are crutial for micropreemies. These are things that once they are released your pedi will explain to you. If you haven't set up a pedi, start looking now, interview them and find one that has a history of working with preemies. You are both such wonderful parents and going through this only makes you stronger God bless ypur family! The most prescious thing is when your baby responds to you and recognizes when you are around. So glad you are both experiencing that! All the best! Lots of love from Houston.

  7. Such great news! I love all their sweet pictures. Shots are not fun - bless their hearts. I remember Syd had this horrible ear infection that would not go away - before they put tubes in they had to clear the infections. They gave her 5 shots - one each day of this thick medicine. I had to have someone else go in with her because I couldn't stand to see her in pain.

    There will be lots of firsts - some with smiles and some with tears. Looking at your babies brings back memories of my babies! I can't believe Ali is 16 and driving. It goes by so quickly...

    Love and hugs from Tyler!

    Yvonne and Sydney

  8. Another day closer to going home! Another milestone--shots! Aye! They hurt us more than the babies I think! No matter how many shots my kids never gets easier! But we gotta protect them :-)

    I am truly glad to hear your kiddos are doing so well! It is so exciting that you will soon get to see their perfect faces out from under cpap. They are both miraculous gifts from God!

    Prayers continue!

  9. Uh oh mom.... All those Behaviors sound like traits from daddy :)
    The last picture of Drake is just priceless!!!

  10. I am praying the shots are well tolerated by both Drake and Kennedy. Praying you had a good Saturday and for the babies' Grandfather to recover fully as well. Your loyal prayer partner in Georgia (and I have at least six who are praying with me for you on a daily basis). Hope you feel the support of the many prayers and hope you see the results in your babies' progress.Please God do keep your hand of protection and blessing on these two tiny darlings, amen. <><