Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holding Steady

I'm glad to report that both babies are holding steady. The preliminary reports on Drake's spinal fluid show normal ranges on all levels and the culture has not grown anything. Therefore, they plan to stop antibiotics in two days. We will know the final results of the culture tomorrow evening. We are praying for things to remain clear. Oh, I can't wait to see my baby boy without any IVs! He is still being a little rock star with his digestion. He loves his milk! I look forward to the day they are able to drink from a bottle rather than a feeding tube. Instead of kangarooing today, I was able to hold him in my arms. This meant I was able to see his precious face.

Kennedy is still doing well on CPAP! She completed her first 72 hours, and I was able to hold her again. She did not have any heart rate drops during the day shift today! Way to go! They even dropped the rate on her CPAP and she tolerated that too. Her little cry is starting to get stronger as her vocal cords heal from the ventilation tube. I am looking forward to her bath time at 11:30. I will get to dress her up in another cute onsie!

My heart is full this evening after having a steady day and being able to hold both of my precious babies. One day, I look forward to holding them both at the same time in our home.

1) Kennedy with her binky
2) Mommy holding Drake
3) Mommy holding Kennedy
4) Kennedy
5) Drake
6) Drake


  1. LOVE!!! Amazing news for both your babies and my baby today! I can go to bed now continuing to give thanks and prayer for continued strength for your precious little ones. I hope when Daddy gets back this weekend we get a photo of all 4 of you!

    Love and hugs -

  2. Awe! Trey had that onsie too! Your babies are so sweet. I bet just being able to cuddle them brings so much joy, I am so happy for you and your family.

    I know I sound like a broken record but all four of you just amaze me! The strength in your words, and on all of your faces is so inspiring. The Bible says It is Gods will through Christ for us to be joyful in all circumstances--grateful no matter what...you demonstrate this so profoundly. And the wonderful thing about it is your joy and gratitude reflects upon others hearts. Even in your struggle you triumph bc you bless others and please the Lord.

    Watching these two miracles grow daily is such a blessing. I am so glad to be able to follow their sweetness in this blog--i look forward to updates and i hope you continue the blog in the the far future, it will be so neat to see Gods plan for them unfold. Actually makes me want to start a blog for my kids--I always mean to write the funny thing they did or said down and never remember too! I am learning through you all how much i take for granted, thank you for exposing this so I can work on it!

    I am so glad Drakes cultures are clear--ti am ina firm conviction the results of tomorrow will be as good as today's.

    Kennedy is so cute under that cpap! Amazing how well she is doing considering she should still be incubating--miraculous!!

    You go super twins!! Keep it up!! You two are simply amazing!!

    Prayers are frequent and steadfast for you all!

  3. Oh wow! I loved reading your update tonight, Annie! Your happy heart was so evident in your writing. I am thrilled for the Gilstrap family and these steady days.

    It was great to hear that it looks like Drake is infection free and Kennedy is mastering the CPAP. Last night I looked back to earlier pictures of these little fighters, and it is so exciting to see how much they have grown and what they've come through.

    I was anxious for the day to come when Drake would decide to pee when you changed his diaper. After having two boys, I remember that well and couldn't wait for you to experience that little thing that baby boys are so good at doing. What a blessing for Drake to have come all the way from giving a few drops of what Brian called "liquid gold" to "letting it rip" when his mommy was changing his diaper!!! Way to go, Drake!

    I do believe that Miss Kennedy is trying to clap her hands in one of those pictures. Pretty soon you will be teaching her to patty cake! As much as you don't want your babies to be unhappy, I know Kennedy's little cry is a blessing to hear right now. It won't be long before Drake joins her in the chorus!

    You sweet babies are such a gift to your parents and to hundreds of others. You have endeared yourselves to us all. I pray that it's a restful night for all 4 Gilstraps! Hugs!

  4. I love how the good news just keeps coming!! One day soon, you won't have to be giving us news at all, because those babies will be home, healthy and happy. I have loved getting to know your family better through your blog, but I also look forward to the day when it's no longer necessary! Until then, we'll keep praying that Drake and Kennedy keep growing stronger every day.

  5. Annie, you and Brian have the most adorable little babies, they are so precious and cute and I love every new picture you post :) Drake and Kennedy have captured all of our hearts and each day it is so fun to read up on their progress and see these two miracle babies continue to grow, heal, and be stronger to face the world in front of them :)

    From that first day you had them to Drake giving us liquid gold to today, there has been so many things in their life and glad to see God watching over them and you and Brian every step of the way :)

    God bless you Gilstrap family and everyone touched by your story and everyone who will be touched by your story. Drake and Kennedy were born with such great love and have so much love to show the world :)

  6. I love good news and pictures of my your precious babies! It's amazing how much their face has changed since I was up there. Cherish every memory, good and bad, as being a parent is God's greatest gift to ever experience! If brings you a new kind of love you never knew existed and shows you how much love and strength you have for your children. It makes you a better person in all & I can see the love you and Brian both have for Drake & Kennedy, as well as the love they already have for both of you! Y'all are wonderful parents & I admire your strength. Love you all!

  7. The song pops in my head "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..." what wonderful news. I am keeping that image in my prayers for you...safely home holding them both at the same time...imagine their discovering one another:) Praying the steady improvement continues.

  8. Praising our Lord for this joyful news! Loving your good news & precious pictures! Please know prayers flow all throughout each day for you, Brian, your family, and precious Drake, & sweet Kennedy! It is such a beautiful blessing to see their progress and growth! Many Prayers, big hugs, and much, much love to you!

  9. So thankful for all this good news!! It really makes my day to read this kind of post. :)

  10. Amazing to see the progress they are making. Looks like you are having a lot of fun being a mom!

  11. Man, I can't quit smiling from such good news and such adorable pictures! You two are growing so fast, keep it up!

  12. What wonderful news! Wish you many more quiet and successful days on your NICU journey. Way to go, Drake and Kennedy!

    The Kirkham family

  13. So happy for these little ones and for you and Dad. I know you are all ready to go home and be together again. Ella and Harley looked so cute in their pictures, what a proud sissy and bubba! Prayers continuing for you all. Good Night sweet babies :)