Monday, August 13, 2012

Take Three

As the saying goes, third times a charm; I hope this is true for our babies. It definitely was for Drake today. The doctors tried the third attempt for Drake's lumbar puncture (spinal tap). It was successful! Hopefully this means that he will be able to stop antibiotics and get his IV out. We are praying for his spinal fluid to be free and clear of infection. The fluid has been sent for culture, and we will have results in 48 hours. This morning was Drake's turn to have a note for daddy. We really have the best nurses. The doctor got a kick out of it too!

Tomorrow at 10:30am will mark 72 hours on CPAP for Kennedy. This will complete her third day and we are praying for success with this too. Her daily blood gas was wonderful today! I am excited to be able to hold her again tomorrow!

Last night we celebrated another 1st for Drake. He wore his first outfit! He looks so cute in his little preemie clothes. He is starting to catch up with sister. He was 3# 6.5oz this morning and Kennedy was 3# 13oz. Her weight is a little inflated because of the CPAP contraption.

1) Drake's note to daddy
2) Drake sleeping
3) Drake holding his binki
4) Drake in his 1st onesie!
5) Kennedy on CPAP


  1. WAY TO GO KENNEDY AND DRAKE!!!!! We are so
    Proud of you guys! Love the note to Daddy that was so cute. Continued prayers
    You and your family

  2. Drakes first outfit matches my sons first outfit!! Hannah told me Trey (my almost 1yr old son)and Drake should be bff-- well they obviously have the same fashion sense...not to mention my hubby is grooming his own hunting and salt water fishing buddy :-)

    I am so joyful over the successful tap and the cpap going so well! Those sweet peas are just over achievers and we love it!

    I pray for your nurses and drs. I am so glad you all are somewhere with such awesome staff. Quite a blessing.

    Cannot wait for the free and clear results in 48hrs! Prayers continue!

  3. Such good news. Thinking and praying for you guys often

  4. Way to go!!! I'm super happy they are doing so well! I cannot wait to see them again. I can't imagine how happy Brian is when he walks into the NICU to see his beautiful family & lovely wife by his babies. Brings tears to my eyes! I love y'all & hope to visit soon! Tell Kennedy & Drake Auntie loves them'

  5. Grow sweet babies GROW! They are so precious and such a blessing!

  6. Glad to see them doing so well, each day getting stronger and better able to handle the world outside of the NICU :)

    This week is going to be a great week for these two, good news is going to keep coming and coming, and they will keep doing great :)

    Go Drake and Kennedy!!! :)

  7. Wonderful news to read this morning. I pray you have another wonderful day; they are both looking so good! Congratulations, prayers continue for you.<><

  8. Wonderful news!!!! So happy things are going well for both babies! Love Drakes outfit! Your nurses do seem pretty awesome! Can't wait to hear more good news!

  9. What a cute note from Drake! Glad to hear they got a successful spinal tap. Praying for clear results. Way to go Kennedy on CPAP for 72 hours and counting!