Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Months Old

Wow! It's still hard to believe they are 2 months old today! In a way the time has flown by but in another it has felt like an eternity. Hopefully, we will be celebrating 3 months all together at home.

When I met with the doctor this morning, he updated me on Drake's morning blood test results. His hermatocrit (volume of blood) was too low and he needed another blood transfusion. Of course this meant a new IV and feeds would be stopped. The good news is that the transfusion is complete and he was able to start back on his feeds. He isn't back on the higher calories yet, but they will slowly increase them tomorrow.

Kennedy is doing really good on her CPAP. She's just cruising; however, she does get cranky that she isn't getting to be held. I can't blame her.

Brian's dad has been released from the hospital and is back home resting. Thank you to everyone for your prayers.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Drake's sign his nurse made
4) Kennedy's sign her nurse made


  1. So thankful Brian's dad is home...sounds like he's a real trooper just like his grandchildren. It's great that he's already home. Those sweet babies have obviously endeared themselves to the nurses for them to make such neat posters for them. I know it's such a blessing to Drake and Kennedy as well as yourself to have such caring nurses. How exciting to see how much they weigh now!!! Big boy Drake isn't far behind Miss Kennedy. Thank you, Annie, for your continued updates when you're holding down the fort while Brian is away. I know you must be so tired in the evening, and yet, you continue to take time to let us know about the babies. I appreciate so much getting to see what's going on with the Gilstraps every evening. Mother called yesterday from my brother's house wanting the blogspot address so my siter-in-law could pull if up for Mother to read and so she could show off their pictures. Hope Drake's transfusion gives him a big boost. I'm sorry Kennedy is a little cranky, but it just shows how much she loves being held by her mommy! I'll be so glad when you and Brian can hold your little ones any time, and you're closer than ever to that happening.
    Thanks be to God for the precious gift of Drake and Kennedy and the steadfast strength and courage He has given to their faithful parents.

  2. Just a few more hours and the family will be complete with daddy home :) So happy to hear Drake and Kennedy doing great, seeing them grow, and soon Drake will be over the 4 pound mark just like his sister, and praying that you all will be home very soon, no longer in the NICU, but in the comfort of your own home :)

    God, please keep watching over Drake and Kennedy, continue to bless them and heal them, and please keep their parents, nurses, and everyone else in their lives safe and comforted, knowing you are taking care of them.

    God please watch over Brian's dad as well, healing and restoring his heart, so he has a long time to enjoy his grand kids, watching them grow up strong as can be, healthy, and full of so much energy to wear him out with :)

    It's Friday! :)

  3. Love the babies new signs! What a difference in their feet! Watch out because Sydney has begun looking for Kennedy some shoes and already found her like 3 pair! I'm so thankful everything worked out with Brians dad. What an Incredible journey you all have been on - and what an amazing testament to the power of prayer, strength, love, and hope!

    Love and Hugs -

    Yvonne and Syd

  4. Those nurses are taking such sweet care of you guys-- the signs are perfect!!

    2 months wow!! That went quick but slow but quick...ya know?!

    They are super precious children. I am excited that you all are so close to going home! And boy are they getting big! Drake is on sissy's heels!!

    Keep up the good work mommy! And enjoy Daddy this weekend!

  5. Even though I know those footprints are still so small... They seem so big from where we started!
    Celebrated your birthday at Chick Fila (one of your mommy's favorites)