Tuesday, August 21, 2012

48 Hours

Drake has completed the first 48 hours of CPAP and is well on his way to 72! I am very much looking forward to tomorrow when I can hold him again! He had a great blood test this morning and they weaned his backup rate on the CPAP. If all goes well with his blood test in the morning, they will remove his backup rate all together. One day at a time, little by little, progress is being made. Two nurses came to visit with me today and check on the babies. Both of them called Drake a miracle baby! We definitely agree!

Kennedy is still doing great on the cannula. I love being able to see her sweet face every day! She did not have any changes made today. It is so much easier to hold her with the cannula, and I look forward to Brian experiencing it this weekend.

1) Kennedy sleeping
2) Happy Drake
3) Drake
4) Kennedy while I was holding her


  1. Two tiny little miracles indeed! And look at those precious faces!

  2. Amazing! We are celebrating their incredible progress with you! The Lord is so good & His loving kindness never ceases! This is evident through the miraculous lives of your precious babies! Not a day goes by that we don't pray continually for Drake & Kennedy, thanking the Lord for all He has already accomplished & all that He is yet to do through them. Each time we look out our windows & see your house, we bring them before our Lord.....that just happens to be MANY times a day! :-) They are growing & changing so fast...their precious faces filling out. Thank you for continuing to share your delicate journey with us. We're honored to have even a small glimpse into such a strong, powerful love that you have for your treasures!!!! Enjoy your babies today!!!! Scott & Lori

  3. I haven't said "yay" so much in my life! I am just praising God for all these great strides your family is making!!

    Drakes lil happy picture is precious amd kennedy does have such a sweet face!

    I am in prayer for your whole family.

  4. Awesome news :) These two are doing so great! :)

    Awesome to see Kennedy in your arms, her face being able to be seen :) Soon she won't have anything in the way :)

    Drake's expression is so cute! It is like he is saying "Yes! I'm doing CPAP! Go me! Go Me! I'll beat this like anything else you throw at me! Go Me!!!" :)

    Gilstrap family, you are all so blessed and awesome :) I'm glad to know you :)

  5. Tried to send this before school today but my computer was all blah! Kennedy is so precious! Love Happy Drake! It's as if he's saying Yeah! I've got this! Miss you. Can't wait to see you soon and the babies.

    Love Yvonne and Syd

  6. ADORABLE is what you two are! That's right Drake, go big boy!! You should be so proud of yourself! Kennedy, you are so beautiful!