Monday, August 6, 2012

Seeing Clearly

I was told this morning that the best report we could receive on their eye exam at their gestational age would be that the eye doctor did not need to see them again for 2 weeks. I received the 2 week report on both Drake and Kennedy! Way to go babies! They were not happy about the dilation of their eyes in preparation of the exam. They were both closing their eyes so tightly that the nurses had difficulty getting the drops inside.

Culture confirmation on Drake is that we are treating pneumonia and possibly a urinary track infection. While this is not what we wanted to hear, we are not getting down about it. We just have to reevaluate our game plan. Our doctor and the infectious disease doctor decided to change his antibiotic. He seems to be responding well to the new antibiotic. He is requiring very minimal oxygen and acting like the feisty boy we adore. It is so good to see him squirming and kicking. Now, we just need for these new antibiotics to make him all better. Of course His kidneys are always a worry so the doctors and nurses are monitoring his urine output very closely. He is taking diuretics to keep things moving while he is on the antibiotics. His feeds had to be stopped yesterday for the blood transfusion and they are slowing starting him back up. He weighed in last night at 3# 1oz. Not as big as sister, but he will get there.

Kennedy is such a strong little girl. She remains on very minimal settings and they continually come down on her rate. I love our kangaroo time and once she realizes that she is not going to be able to grab her tube or turn her head, she settles in and is happy too. So much personality for such a little girl! She has grown so much. Last night she weighed in at 3# 8oz. Almost 2 more pounds than when she was born. I was looking at pictures from the day she was born last night and marveled over the change in the past 6weeks. Amazing!

1) Drake in sunglasses because of dilated eyes
2) Drake before dilation
3) Kennedy before dilation
4) Kennedy in sunglasses


  1. Praying endlessly for Team Gilstrap!

  2. Teresa and I were just commenting on how big they are getting and looking back at pictures tonight! And we were even saying their eyes must be perfect bc we can tell by the pictures they can see tgeir mommy and daddy just fine!!

    Yay for Drake! Over the 3lb mark--look out sissy! Drake is on your heels!!

    I am confident the God is enfolding both of these kiddos with love and mercy. This infection will pass quickly. Drake is just Amazing!

    Kennedys personality really shines! She is so super duper!!

    Prayers, prayers and more prayers going out for team Gilstrap!

  3. Still keeping up with you guys and praying for you everyday.

    Yeah for gaining baby weight and yeah for great eyes!

    Keep it up babies!!

  4. Yvonne and SydneyAugust 7, 2012 at 6:41 AM

    Love their shades! Reminds me of that saying "Their future's so bright they've got to wear shades!" Such a bright future for your beautiful family. Glad Drakes new medicine is working. Continued prayers for you all. Love all their pictures! I am amazed at how big they are getting. Syd loves looking at their pictures each day to see how they are changing. She can't wait to see them in person!

    Keep staying strong babies!

  5. Your babies are precious. I have been following since Drake had 24 hours to improve. I look forward to seeing your update every day.

  6. Prayers continue for your family and especially that little Drake will overcome this infection without any complications. Thank you for taking time to do these posts. <><

  7. I'm glad to hear that their future is so bright that they have to wear shades :) It is always good to see positive news on the twins, even if there is other things going on around them, always good to see something good happening for them :)

    Drake is a fighter and has grown in strength since his first major battle, so being a seasoned veteran now, he will kick this pneumonia with ease and will move on to the next battle... he is going places in life with his spirit and determination... I can see him changing the world one day and making a huge impact and he already has been doing so with his story :)

    Kennedy is growing great! It is great to see her doing so well and getting healthier each day, and next thing we know she will be all ready to go home and be out of the NICU :)

    Hang in there Brian and Annie, this week will fly by, you can be reunited before you know it, and your two little ones won't be little for much longer, as they keep growing so fast :)

  8. We have an eye exam for the twins this Friday too and I am dreading it. It's routine for us because they spent time in Nicu, but we still have to check this appt off the list. They had a checkup at one month which I did not enjoy (I think you know why!).

    I'm so glad their first eye exam went well. One more thing to check off your list.

  9. I found a good luck penny today and made my wish. Think about ya'll all the time. Thank you for including us in this journey. What a blessing these babies are. Love ya,