Monday, September 10, 2012

Ups & Downs

Today was a rough day for Drake and a scary day for me. His morning blood gas showed that his CO2 was elevated again so they increased his breathing treatments hoping that would help. When it was time for his temperature and diaper change, his nurse asked if I would like to do it. Finally feeling comfortable turning them over, I rotated him from his belly to his back so that I could get started. I had the thermometer in my hand and Drake began to Brady. Since his CO2 was already elevated, his saturation dropped instantly. One of the nurses was there in seconds bagging him as she called for a respiratory therapist. In no time at all, he had several nurses and RTs working on him while I stood out of the way. They called for the doctor and he said to put him back on CPAP. This is all part of the NICU roller coster, and I really don't see this as that big of a dip. He was struggling with his breathing on the cannula, and even though CPAP looks terrible, I know that he is more comfortable. He has been resting really well the remainder of the day, and when they checked his blood gas this afternoon, his CO2 had already come down 16 points. He just wasn't quite ready for cannula, and that is ok. They are continuing with his breathing treatments every 6 hours, and this will help with his lung development. His little lungs will be ready for his next try on cannula soon.

Kennedy and I had a great day together! We were going to bottle feed at noon, but that was right in the middle of drama with Drake so the occupational therapist rescheduled with me for 3. When it was time to get started, Kennedy was bright eyed and eager. We are working on pacing with her and everything started pretty smoothly. During this time, her OT was pulled away for a phone call; therefore, it was just the two of us. For most new moms, it's probably not a big deal, but for this was intimidating. Kennedy did great...she did better than great, she did awesome! She drank her entire bottle! She also made it through without any Bradys. Everyone was impressed with her accomplishment and they are increasing her bottle feeds to twice a day.

1) Kennedy crying
2) Drake back on CPAP
3) Drake this morning
4) Kennedy
5) Drake crying
6) Drake on his belly
7) Kennedy


  1. Love Drakes outfit!!!!! So adorable!! Keep trucking little buddy! Way to go Kennedy!! 2 bottle feeds is a big deal! Yay!


  2. Annie, I am not sure if you remember me from high school or not....but Casey Roper sent me the link to your blog some time back. I have been following the updates of your precious little ones everyday. I look forward to seeing the work God does thru them. They are amazing and I am so happy for you and your husband that they are continuing to improve.

    Elizabeth (Rice) Veracruz

    1. Elizabeth~ I remember you :) Thank you for including your maiden name. Also, thank you for your continued support of our family.

  3. Hang in there Drake, you can do it! It is okay if you need a little more time, slow and steady gets it done :)

    Kennedy is doing so great :) I bet feeding her from the bottle is the best feeling ever :)

    It is great to see how big they are getting, especially from how small they were at first :) Only time is needed and they will keep growing :)

    Keep it up Drake and Kennedy, you two have this :)

  4. Annie! You are no different than any new mom! I findhave you toand bebraver and stronger than most, and to be intimidated by a tiny human that depends souly on you for life is normal!!i have had 2 kids and I cried from the intimidation with both-- and sometimes still do! We all wonder everyday if we are doing the mom thing right. I definately think you have a special handle on your two and God made you just for them. I really admire you!

    I am proud of the twins. God is just working through everyone they touch and they are thriving. They really are miracle kids and i think they will keep amazing us throughout their lives.

  5. Annie,
    Those two babies are so precious! I love watching them grow everyday! Praying for you and them!

  6. Congrats on your two little bundles of joy, I found your blog from the Vintage Dish on FB, been reading your NICU journey. Fellow NICU mom to a 23 week micro preemie. We had this similar set back ourselves, her NICU doc explained that Bella was not doing terrible but that when he was dealing with a baby with very little to no problems and something this small happens it was better to take a step back and let her take a break than push her. She is 3 1/2 years old and has no medical problems, we spent 150 days in Baylor Dallas NICU, it to me was the greatest gift God could ever give me. I am so greatful for my time in the NICU.
    Will be praying for your little ones.