Friday, September 7, 2012


We thought today would be a "no news" kind of day but instead it's a "big news" kind of day! Drake is getting another try on cannula! This time he is also receiving breathing treatments every 6 hours to help his lungs prepare for breathing on his own. We have completed the first 12 hours successfully and we are praying for more. Our favorite part is seeing his precious face and being able to pick him up on our own at any time. We have further good news to report...the echocardiogram from this week that showed his PDA valve closed, also showed normal heart function. They worry about heart function with babies who have been on breathing machines and oxygen for such a long period of time, but everything looks completely normal with him.

I was able to give Kennedy her bottle again today and she did very well taking 15mL. She also made it through the entire feeding without a Brady (heart rate drop); however, she did have one after we finished. Brian's sister and I went out for lunch today and looked around in some baby stores. She picked up a really cute onsie and we checked the size...Up to 5lb. I said, "That's going to be too small." We both looked at each other in amazement that we actually found an outfit that would be too small for Kennedy. This was a great feeling!

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Mommy feeding Kennedy
4) Drake
5) Kennedy
6) Mommy holding Drake
7) Drake


  1. Wonderful news!!! Look at Drake's hair! He is so handsome an Kennedy is just precious! I cannot wait to meet them in person. Sydney wants to come see them, but with both of us being around so many kids at school I wouldn't want the babies to be exposed to anything... syd got good news too! After being in off season for a week, they moved her to the volleyball team! When she didn't make the team originally, we thought God just had a different path for her athletic abilities, so we prayed about it and yesterday she received a blessing! Prayer is so powerful! We send you lots of love and hugs! Can't wait til Drake fits in those bigger boy outfits too!

    Love -

    Sydney and Yvonne

  2. This made me cry with JOY!! YAY FOR DRAKE & KENNEDY!! What an incredible report! Things are moving fast in a fabulous direction for your family...I am so excited for the 4 of you :-)

    They are just getting cuter and cuter. I love seeing their sweet faces.

  3. WOW!!! They are doing so good! I look so forward to reading your blog each day! I love those babies and think/pray for them all the time! Great NEWS!!!

  4. They are both growing so well! They have come a long way from birth, and next thing you know, they will be running around and doing great :)

    Go Drake and Kennedy :)