Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Both on Cannula

No worries...Kennedy is still in Special Care but she has been placed back on cannula for a little while. She is on room air (21% oxygen) and the cannula provides a constant flow to help her out with her breathing while she focuses on her bottle feeds. She should only be on it for a week and then they will try her off again. This extra support should help out with her bradys (heart rate drops), which the doctors tell us she will grow out of in time. We are really proud of how well she is doing with her bottle feeds, but they do wear her out. She has been able to complete 2 to 3 bottles so far in a 24 hour (8 bottle) period. Gran held her today while I took a much needed nap. They both seemed as happy as could be, and that gave me peace so I could rest.

Drake seems very comfortable with his cannula this time. He spent most of day one trying to get it off of his face. Now that he has settled into it staying, he seems much happier than he was on CPAP. There are so many things that I enjoy with cannula: seeing his little face, picking him up at any time, and being one step closer to Special Care with sister. His blood gas was good today and they will be checking it again in the morning. Hopefully he will continue to do well with his cannula.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake
3) Kennedy
4) Drake
5) Kennedy
6) Drake


  1. I am glad you got some rest. I have just prayed for both Drake and Kennedy and I am going to start adding one for an extra dose of protection over you.

  2. A much deserved nap for mommy! Yay nap! Take them when you can get them!

    Your kiddos have the sweetest eyes and their cheeks look so smoochable :-)

    Keep up the good work Team Gilstrap!

  3. Kennedy is just delaying things, so she can have her brother catch up to her in special care, and go home together :) Drake has had a rough journey, but his guardian angels are by his side every step of the way and he will emerge from the hospital victorious very soon :)

    Keep it up Brian and Annie, you two are doing so great, and the strength you are showing and love for your children is so beautiful to see, these two kids are going to be so loved.

    Go Drake! Go Kennedy! :)

  4. So proud of you Drake- doing so good on cannula! I like your stylin outfits too! Sister, way to go on those bottles and building up those lungs! And, so proud of mommy too for taking a nap!

    Every time I go to the blog I see the pictures from the first night they were born and am so thankful for how far they've come! It really is a miracle- they are doing remarkable!