Sunday, September 16, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

He started off his morning with surprise birthday messages from Drake, Kennedy & mommy. Then he went over to the NICU to spend some quality father/son time with Drake. After that, he was back in Special Care for some daddy/daughter time with Kennedy. Next year they can all three hang out together and I will make a birthday breakfast.

Today was eye exam Brian and I headed out for a birthday lunch date while that took place. The nurses tell us to take advantage of these opportunities for outings together because once they come home, we will not have time for these anymore. Both babies did really well with their exams and instead of coming back in 2 weeks their next check will be in 3 weeks. Drake has been holding steady today and if his blood gas goes well in the morning, they are planning to try him on cannula again. Hopefully, 3rd time will be a charm. Kennedy has been doing really well with her bottle feedings. She has taken 3 bottle feeds today. At this rate she will be up to full bottle feeds in no time.

Poppy & Uncle Mikey came to visit today, and Kennedy watched her first Cowboys game with them. This was the first time either of them had been able to hold her, and she loved every minute of their visit. Hopefully when Drake watches his first Cowboys game, they will win.

1) Kennedy with Uncle Mikey
2) Kennedy & Daddy
3) Kennedy & Daddy
4) Kennedy & Uncle Mikey
5) Kennedy & Poppy
6) Tired little princess
7) Drake after his eye exam


  1. Just look at that lil grin Kennedy is giving her daddy. How adorable! Hope the CPAP comes off today for Drake, can't wait to see his lil face again.

    Love ya'll - Happy B-day Brian


  2. Looks like it was a beautiful day; thank you for sharing the joys! Prayers continue for steady improvement and growth. Hope today is a good one for you.

  3. You are both doing such a wonderful job with this blog and all of the updates! I love reading them and keeping up with the amazing progress. What little fighters you have! :). We are NICU alumni too and we pray for the 4 of you daily. What amazing parents you are!!
    Much love from Austin!
    Chris and Heidii Bugbee

  4. So sweet! She has her daddy wrapped already! C'mon Drake, you can do it so you can join the girls in special care!

  5. I fell behind on my blog reading and missed wishing Brian a happy birthday--this year will be the most blessed yet!!

    Oh goodness! Kennedy's little googoo eyes for daddy is too much!! She is incredible! And so cute! Daddy and brother are going to have hands full keeping boys away ;-)

    3rd time is a charm--Drake is going to go for it! He just cannot wait to move to special carr with mommy and sissy! Come on buddy!!!