Sunday, September 2, 2012

Something New!

This morning, when we walked into the nursery, we found out something new would be happening today. We were excited to find out Kennedy would try drinking from a bottle...she did great! She drank 10mLs of her 40mL feeding out of the bottle! Very impressive for her 1st time! Especially since the combination of sucking, breathing and swallowing simultaneously is completely new. All of these acts together are very tiring and take a great deal of energy. They plan to do this bottle feeding with her once a day for now as long as she continues to tolerate it well. They also went down on her cannula flow from 1 L down to 0.5 L, and we are hoping she does well with this change too. She has had some heart rate drops, which are always scary, but they tell us that is to be expected.

Drake has completed his 1st 24 hours on CPAP and I am anxiously waiting 72hrs so that I can hold him again. He has made progress as they have already weaned him down to a CPAP of 4 from 5. His antibiotics for his UTI are administered every 6 hours intravenously through an IV. We need for these IVs to last longer than they have been because we do not want him getting poked for a new IV each day. The only other option would be a PICC line like he had before, and we would rather not go that route. He will have another urine culture in a few days, and if it is clear, he will have the urine reflux test.

1) Kennedy zonked out after her bottle
2) Drinking from the bottle
3) Drake on CPAP
4) Kennedy
5) Kennedy's 1st bottle
6) Kennedy
7) Kennedy


  1. Kennedy drinking from a bottle! Now that is great to see, slowly but surely getting to the point she won't need to be at the NICU anymore, and can go on home :)

    Go Drake! 24 hours down, 48 to go, you can do it little buddy! Keep it up, so you can try a bottle next yourself :)

    These 2 are doing so great! So happy to see this :)

  2. How wonderful to see her drinking from a bottle! Another touchdown in the books! Drake looks good too! I cannot wait for the day you get to hold both of your sweet babies in the comfort of your own home!

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and for all the updates! We love looking at the babies!

    Yvonne and Sydney

  3. Yay!! 1000 times yay!! Big steps for Kennedy and Drake! Keep it up Team D&K!!

  4. I am so happy to see the progress being made and praying for smooth waters in this journey and I am especially praying for little Drake's kidney issues to be resolved and healed. My sweet baby had viscouretal reflux (sp?) but it was well managed with daily meds until she was 7 and no longer needed them and has never had any more infections. Prayers continue for your precious family.

  5. Look at Kennedy go!! Such a big girl!! Glad Drake is still doing great on CRAP. 72 hours will be here before you know it =) The picutes are so sweet! I love to see how much they have grown <3 Prayers contiue to come.

    Leslie Thomas