Monday, September 3, 2012

Bigger By The Day

In the 72 days we have been here in the NICU, we sure have grown...Big Time! Drake entered this world weighing a mere 1# 11oz and was 13.5" long. Today he weighs 4# 8.7oz and is 15 & 3/8" long. This is very impressive considering how sick he was for so long. Kennedy was born at only 1# 9oz and 13" long. She is now 4# 10oz and 16" long. Way to go! Keep growing!

They both had another eye exam today and it went well. The doctor will be back to check them again in two weeks. We have lots to report as far as blood tests go. I'll start with Kennedy...she will no longer be getting blood drawn for her blood gas tests. Everything looks great and they see no reason to continue with checking unless she shows signs that indicate a problem. She will still be getting weekly Monday labs, but her day to day testing is over...we hope. Drake's Monday labs look wonderful! In fact, the doctor said several times how impressed he is with his results. I believe he said, "It's amazing considering how sick he was that all of his levels are normal." They would expect to see issues with the liver and various other areas, but they don't. He said, "Drake is quite a fighter."

Brian and I are thankful for the progress they have made, and we continue to pray for further growth. Thank you to everyone who is praying with us! It is making such a huge difference. There is no other way to explain how they continue to defy the odds.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake wearing sunglasses
3) Kennedy


  1. God is so good. Prayers continue for each of you!

  2. Drake's future is so bright, he has to wear shades! You go Drake!

    It is so cute to see Kennedy starting to grow hair :) Soon she will have a full head of hair :)

    Awesome to see how far these 2 have come in 72 days... the time has gone by so fast... and can only wait to see what the next 72 days brings :) I see them coming home happening in that timeframe, among so many other things :)

    God is the reason these two are here... he heard our prayers and thanks for taking care of them and keeps watching over them and taking care of them. What the doctors can't do, he can do as the great physician :)

    Annie and Brian, you two are parents of two miracles and I know you treasure them so much. They came into the world to two awesome parents, and I know your family is going to be amazing :)

  3. Your babies are such a blessing! God is so wonderful!!

  4. Is that a strawberry tint in Kennedy's hair????????? God blesses red heads in extra big ways, you know. :-D

  5. You two just amaze me!! I love seeing your pictures and hearing about your new experiences! Keep making those downs, you are well on your way to winning the game!

  6. Its funny, we dont know you but we feel as if yall are apart of the family. We had our little boy last year and he spent two weeks in the nicu, i almost went crazy, so the two of you are super heros in my eyes! My little girl was born two days after your babies, and i started reading this and now it has become a ritual at our house to check on the little ones every night before we go to bed. You will continue to be in our prayers, and those two blessings will be in your arms at home in no time!