Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Day at a Time

Today began with Kennedy drinking her entire bottle first thing this morning. What a great start! I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with long as I know a nurse is near by. After we completed that successful bottle, we snuggled until it was Drake's turn. I took his temperature, changed his diaper, and finally was able to hold him. The 72hr wait took forever. He was just as content as could be while I was holding him. I didn't want to put him back, but I did have another date with introduction to breast feeding. She did really well for her first time. Tonight her nurse is working on clearing up a diaper rash using oxygen to dry out her little bottom.

Drake had some good news today and some bad. The good: His blood gas was the best one he has had since the end of August. The bad: He had an apnea/bradycardia episode where he stopped breathing. I was holding Kennedy when this took place, and while it was alarming, I knew he was in good hands. Two wonderful nurses and a respiratory therapist took care of him. As he gets bigger and stronger, we hope he will grow out of these types of scary episodes. They have already come so far and each new day brings us one step closer to coming home.

1) Kennedy
2) Kennedy
3) Drake
4) Drake with mommy
5) Drake


  1. I don't even know your family and I only learned about your blog through a friend of mine who was asking for prayers for Drake when he was in the middle of his kidney crisis and wasn't expected to survive. I was on vacation at the beach with my husband and two boys at the time and when I read your story, I prayed my little heart out for Drake's miracle and also just kept picturing in my mind and praying for the day that you and your husband would be watching Drake and Kennedy play in the sand and water together the way I was with my sons. Thank you so much for sharing your story, your triumphs, and moments of weakness with the world. I know you could make this private for only family and friends, but I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading the updates about your miracle babies each day. There are so many people praying for your family and cheering on your children from the sidelines! Stay strong and enjoy this time...they grow so fast! :) -Andre

  2. I am praying you have a great Friday and no scary episodes today. Praying for travel mercies as your friends and family make trips to see you and the babies. Specifically praying that Drake's lungs and kidneys grow strong and he gets no more infections. Specifically praying that Kennedy also continues to grow strong and not be troubled by Brady episodes. I pray your family has a remarkably wonderful weekend together. <><

  3. Keeping you all in my prayers each and every day. Love reading about the firsts knowing you are getting closer to going home. Kennedy is so expressive. The second picture looks like she just blew you a kiss :)

    Love you all!!


  4. Love love love Kennedy's expressions! And their outfits!! So glad they are doing well. God is good!

  5. Love the babies pictures. Today was a rough day and just seeing your sweet babies made my day! Hope they continue to get stronger and have many more good days to come!

    Love and hugs - Syd and Yvonne

  6. I am so glad they are progressing so well! I continue to pray for all of you. I miss seeing you at school. Take care. Love, Holly Chilek

  7. Drake looks so content in your arms! I can't believe he is already passing sister in weight! Such a "big brother" already! And my goodness, Kennedy doesn't seem to mind a bottle now! Just amazing! Love seeing their pics! I especially love the one of Drakes little hands! Their bedding is beautiful- can't wait for you to see it! Can't wait for all of you to get to come home!