Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Step for Kennedy

We have been extremely proud of Kennedy's progress and this is still very true. Today she made another step forward on her NICU journey...they took her off of cannula. That's right, there is nothing on her sweet face! She still has her feeding tube until she can work up to full bottle feeds, but this is a huge step in the right direction. Of course they are watching her respiratory rate very closely and will put her back on cannula if she needs the flow.

Yesterday they did another urine culture on Drake and so far it is 24 hours with no growth. This means that the antibiotics have cleared the e coli infection. If the culture remains clear tomorrow, they will schedule his VCUG (checks for urine reflux) for either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday. He also had an echocardiogram to check the PDA valve in his heart. The medicine early on closed this valve but when he was so sick it opened back up. His doctor was excited to tell me today that the valve has closed on its own! Yea! They plan to try him again on cannula this weekend. I know this will make him happy because once he found out their was something better than CPAP, he wasn't very happy about going back to CPAP.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy praying for Drake to get cannula
3) Kennedy
4) Kennedy
5) Drake
6) Kennedy


  1. It is so awesome to see Kennedy's beautiful face, with only a feeding tube in :) Soon she won't have anything covering that face, and you two can enjoy her smile daily :)

    It is so cute to see her praying for Drake too :)

    Drake, you can do CPAP and beat it, moving on to cannula, just like your sister did before you :) Tell these infections to go away, and that you are ready to be well from now on :)

    Thank you God for taking care of both these two so well :)

  2. What a wonderful way to begin the day with these encouraging reports on both of these darling babies. prayers continue and hope Drake is also soon strong enough to be free of the CPAP contraption. I am sure you are eager to get to hold him again! Praying your Wednesday is calm and with steady progress.

  3. Oh my, so stinkin adorable!! I'm sure drake won't be far behind! So excited for you guys :)

  4. What a sweet little cannula free Kennedy face! What a wonderful step forward for your family!!

    Such great news about Drake! He truly is a miracle child! These kids have just defied odds and have such a sweet story--thanks for sharing with us.

    I pray often for continued successful days--God is obviously listening to all of our prayers!

  5. Love seeing your sweet beautiful face Kennedy!! Drake, you are catching right up with sister! Thank you Lord for listening and answering our prayers for these precious lives!

  6. So exciting to see that precious face!! We will pray for Drake to take to the cannula this weekend so he is one step closer to showing off his face too! Love the good news!!