Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quality Time

Hey, it's me Brian. I thought I would give Annie a break from the blog tonight. It has been a while since I have participated in the blogging activities as it has been non stop traveling back and forth from Dallas to Houston. Weekends are not long enough. Enough about me!

Mommy was off to a shower this morning so Drake and I got some quality time in together. I held him in my arms in the recliner while I did some reading...this was something I have not really experienced yet. Hopefully we will be able to do this soon at our house enjoying some football together. I have only held him two other times; once while still on the ventilator and the other was for five minutes before they put him back on the CPAP after his first run on the cannula.

He is inching towards the 5# mark weighing in at 4lbs 15.7oz. He's a growing boy; hmmm, maybe he needs a couple of my protein shakes. He is still on the cannula, however he is on a pretty high flow rate of 2.5 liters. This can be compared to Kennedy where she was at 1.5 when she was first put on it. This is monitored closely and may mean he will have to go back to CPAP again...we are cheering him on and praying for his lungs to quickly grow strong. He is still receiving the antibiotics via injections since they cannot get IV's to last...yes, this is extremely sad to watch as they say the type of injection is very painful.

Kennedy...enough said, she is awesome! Every weekend I get to see her, she gets stronger and stronger. In her overall strength as well as her breathing and eating. As Annie mentioned, she is getting to take a bottle once per day now. Averaging 15 ml per day, but today she took in an astonishing 35 ml. She was exhausted after taking in this quantity of milk in such a short time, much like I get after a Thanksgiving meal. She did have another big scare with a heart rate drop due to her little body forgetting to breath. The nurse had to stimulate her by picking her up and bringing her back to it. It took some time while she rapidly lost color. This only shows that we just aren't quite ready for special care.

1) Drake & his paci
2) Kennedy
3) Kennedy tired after 35mL
4) Cake at the shower
5) Kennedy & Aunt Gigi
6) Daddy & Drake


  1. Praying steadily for continued progress for Drake and Kennedy. I am also praying God gives you a special blessing of strength and protection during these physically and emotionally demanding days. It really is wonderful that you take the time to keep your prayer warriors updated; God bless you for taking the time to do this each day.

  2. Drake, you can do it little buddy! Just keep growing, getting stronger day by day, and show everyone how awesome you are! You will get through all of this and go home soon enough :)

    Kennedy, keep up the great work! You are doing so great and everyone is so proud of you! Keep growing and getting strong, so you can help mom and dad take care of your brother, and help encourage him along so you two can go home soon :)

    Brian and Annie, we pray for you two daily, and know that God will give you two enough strength to make it through this time, as well as have people in your life to encourage and be there for you two through this journey :) God won't give us anything we can't handle, so just know you two have this, and nothing that comes into your path will ever stop you two!

    Thank you God, for taking such good care of the Gilstrap family, Brian and Annie, Drake and Kennedy, and also Brian's dad, to continue to heal from his health issues a little while back, and everyone else in the family and extended family being safe and healthy, so Drake and Kennedy can have a great family to grow up in :)

  3. Brian, you are putting in the miles! What a blessing you are to your wife and kids! I know it must be hard to leave after only two nights, but rest assured that God and your family are proud of your commitment to taking care of your family. Good things come--not only to those who wait, but to those who do Gods work he has intended for them. I imagine you are one proud papa!

    Annie, you are doing an amazing job staying "home" with the kiddos. I bet the day to day in the nicu is mentally and physically exhausting--a job only a rockin momma could handle. D&K are truly blessed!

    Drake, how awesome are you?! I think you are the toughest baby I have ever heard of. I know life is hard right now, but you keep up the good work--God gave you a super sissy and terrific mommy and daddy who will keep cheering you on!!

    Kennedy, you are too precious for words, but you need to take take it easy, those bradys scare mommy and daddy! I cannot believe how big you are, you make your bubby and mommy and daddy so proud!