Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy Week

I've had some sad moments for the past two days, and...well...I'm human and that is ok. We have two amazing children who have already defied a multitude of odds, and we are extremely grateful for both of them. All we can do now is be there for our children, continue to hope & pray, and move forward from here.

This is a busy week ahead here in Special Care. Tomorrow morning Drake will have his swallow study. He absolutely loves to take a bottle so I hope that the test goes well so that he can move on to infant driven feeds. Tuesday, Kennedy will be having a brain sono, and as you can imagine we are a little nervous. Back in June, both of their brain sonos were picture perfect, and now we know the lasting effects of an infection in these tiny babies is devastating. We will be meeting with the developmental doctor on Friday to discuss Drake and what we can do for him. Also, this week our neonatologist will be consulting with a neurologist. We have decided to go ahead and hear what they have to say and use it as a baseline. Through our love and support we will let Drake let us know what he can do, which I know will surpass doctors expectations.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake & uncle Matt
3) Daddy holding Kennedy while rocking Drake
4) Family photo
5) Drake with a bottle
6) Together for the 1st time!
7) Daddy & Drake
8) Drake
9) Together after 99 days
10) Daddy & Kennedy
11) Drake snuggling with Daddy


  1. 99 days is a long time! What a bond these two precious miracles will have! Hoping your busy week goes by fast with great results for any and all testing that has to be done. God's light is shining down on all of you. Have a great week Team Gilstrap!

  2. Such a beautiful family! Praying you have a blessed and wonderful week full of better and inspiring news! Glad to see you have the baby sling in full use! That thing is awesome! So great for babies with reflux. Your little ones are such an inspiration. Wishing all God's blessings upon each of you. Have a wonderful night.

  3. I love looking at the precious pictures of Drake and Kennedy over and over again. I love looking back at their very first pictures and seeing how they've grown. You are so right.....they are amazing children and probably hold the record for the most loved children in the world. Along with these sweet babies come amazing parents. How blessed they are to have you and Brian. Thank you for the updates about upcoming tests and meeting with doctors so we can pray more specifically. It is true that, yes, you and Brian are human, and it is only understandable that you would have times of saddness. I appreciate, as I know everyone else does, that you can be transparent about how the two of you are doing. The Bible tells us to cast all our care on Him and it also says that He can sympathize with our weakness, and in our weakness, He is strong. He loves for us to lean on Him and on each other. So, I hope that you will continue to share not only the needs of those adorable little ones but your and Brian's as well so we can pray specifically for you two. One thing that I am praying for sure is for refreshing sleep for you. So, please when you update us about those dear little ones, don't forget to let us know specifics about mommy and daddy. Much love to the Gilstrap family, Rebecca

  4. Precious pictures. Kennedy is looking at Drake saying where ya been bubba?

    Love you all!


  5. Love the pics of the babies together and love the rock n play! Isn't it fantastic?! Thinking about you sweet friend and if you need anything just let me know...I'm always up for another dinner if you are!

  6. Love all the photos. This is nothing Drake can't handle. Know that our family has been and will continue to pray for those sweet babies. Keep up the fight little Drake we are in your corner buddy!!! And for you Miss Kennedy keep doing well !! We love y'all.

  7. It is absolutely human, normal, natural, parental etc. to feel sad! You all have faced challenges in the past 99 days that would ruin weaker families. What inspires me is the tremendous amount of hope and strength that each of you display...

    I am pleased you have decided to listen to each of the dr's information...they hold a wealth of knowledge. Just remember there is only one true dr that knows what is in store for Drake--and I am convinced he has magnificent plans of health, healing, and triumph... not just for Drake, but for Your whole family!

    Their sweet little faces melt my heart--too much cuteness for one lil special care room for sure! Their eyes have looks of comfort and trust and love--proof you two are doing the absolute best job the past 99 days! D & K are fabulously blessed with such devoted parents.

    Keep moving forward, home is closer everyday. Our prayers continue!

  8. Love the pic of the twins finally together - they are perfect and precious!

    We were on our knees last night for all of you. Praying Psalm 139 over your family - because He created us, He knows how to heal us. We are believing that God will do a mighty miracle for Drake!

  9. What a beautiful family you have been blessed with! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the family pic of all of you together. What a joy it is to see Drake and Kennedy side by side! Prayers, hugs, and lots of love to you all!

  10. Love them together and with the 4 of you together! They are precious and as a parent those range of emotions will keep have every right to feel sad, just know you have people here lifting you up in prayer daily...

    Love you -

    Yvonne and Syd

  11. I love those pics of the two of them together. It looks like Kennedy really needed her Drake! She can't take her eys off him. Swoon!

  12. More georgeous pictures! Love them all! Your precious babies have indeed defied a multitude of obstacles and your love will continue to show them what they can do! Continued prayers for your family.
    ~The Ogrodnik Family

  13. So exciting to see them together! What a wonderful family picture! You are such an amazing family and an inspiration to many. Of course you will continue to remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    Anne (Lewis) Masterson

  14. Just love the family photo and seeing the kiddos together - what a wonderful moment! I continue to pray for you and your family. My entire bible study is praying for your entire family this week - for faith, strength, and continued growth for the babies. You are right, Drake has defied odds before, and only he will show you what he is able to do. :)