Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back on CPAP

After giving it his best effort, it was decided this morning that Drake was working too hard and needed the extra support of CPAP. We are not discouraged because we know just like his sister, he will get it on the next try. Luckily, his daddy got up early and was able to hold him before the change was made. Now we are on the 72 hour wait again until he can be held. I'm extremely glad that the cannula try took place while Brian was here so that he could see Drake's handsome little face. He is continuing on his 14 days of antibiotics to treat the e-coli infection in his urinary tract. These antibiotics are given intravenously through an IV. Each IV only lasts for a couple of days; therefore, the hardest part as his parents is having to see him endure yet another poke.

Kennedy is doing great! Brian was able to experience the joy of picking her up on his own from her crib. This was a very special moment and I am glad that I was able to witness it and capture it with a picture. Every day with our babies is a blessing and even though we still have a ways to go we are thankful for how far they have come.

We are also thankful for our wonderful friends back home in Tyler who put together a benefit today for Drake and Kennedy. We really do have the best support system with our friends and family. Thank you!

1) Daddy & Kennedy
2) Kennedy
3) Daddy holding Kennedy
4) Drake on CPAP
5) Mommy & Kennedy


  1. It's all good Drake, don't be discouraged buddy, you will get back on the cannula soon and be caught back up to your sister, just like you have in weight :) We all know you are just letting her be in the spotlight for a little bit, then you can come in and steal the show again, but this time for being healthy as can be, just like her :)

    Thank you God for taking care of these two for the past few weeks they have been in the NICU, watching over them day by day, taking care of them as only you can, protecting and healing them and watching over everyone in their lives. They have truly been a blessing to so many out there :)

  2. Good job Drake! You gave it a good college try! We are proud of you buddy!!

    Keep it up Kennedy! You are setting the example for bubby and doing a great job at it!!

    I hope the 4 of you enjoy your long weekend together! Prayers continue!!

  3. Wow, you two are so amazing!! You already make your mommy and daddy so proud! Keep up the great work! Annie, thanks so much for your updates- they are truly the highlight of my day!

  4. Annie and Brian. You have no idea how many of us there are that look forward each day to following your precious babies' progress. Thank you for your diligence in posting your blog. Literally thousands are on their knees in prayer daily for Drake and Kennedy. God is so good. We may not always post comments but we hang on every word and every step forward. You two are almost as amazing as your kiddos. THANK YOU!

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