Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bottle Progress

Kennedy was able to work on her bottle feeding again today and they had me do it. Was I nervous?...yes! Did we both survive?...yes! This is progress. She did even better than last time taking 15mL of her 44mL. Last time she took 10mL. She is so eager to drink out of the bottle that she did gulp too much at one point and have a heart rate drop. These "bradys" (bradycardia) are always scary, but I have to say I don't panic with them anymore. My heart used to drop in fear every time this would happen, but now I understand it is just something that happens with preemies. She is still having these "bradys" (heart rate drops) a few times each day so we know there is a possibility of going back on cannula.

Drake is holding steady. He gets grumpy about CPAP from time to time, but I would too if I were him. So far today's IV has lasted all day...hopefully, it will last through the night. His urine culture is still negative and they plan to do the VCUG tomorrow. This may give us some direction as to how to prevent future UTIs. Maybe by this weekend he will be ready for another try at cannula.

We are extremely thankful for their daily progress. We pray that this will continue and that they will both be protected from any further infections. Even with the strides they have made, the constant threat of new infections is terrifying.

1) Drake decked out in camo
2) Drake
3) Kennedy exhausted from bottle feeding
4) Kennedy wearing a mitten
5) Drake


  1. Your little miracles are doing so well!! Keep hanging in there.

  2. Anytime you are worried about what is ahead, just look back on how far these two came. Drake and Kennedy are coming along so well and have a bright future ahead :-)

    God has been by their side every step of the way and will be there with them as they grow old. He will never leave them, just as he has never stopped watching over all of us :-)

    Brian and Annie, you two will be just fine :-) God already knows what these two have in store and they are in good hands :-)

  3. Prayers continue for daily protection and progress. Thank you for your daily posts. Hope the VCUG offers worthwhile answers and goes smoothly and without any complications. <><

  4. Annie they are so cute. I love seeing all of Kennedy's face.


  5. Awe!!! Drake's little chubby arms are sooooo cute! They are both just gorgeous babies, and really starting to ditch the premie look all together. :-)

    We all continue our prayers of peace, protection and continued successes! I just know God will have the four of you home together in no time. The grace with which you and Brian are handling this challenge is incredible-- And your kids are incredible! Keep it up Team Gilstrap!

  6. So happy you got to feed your baby girl! They look so good! Love all the pictures! They brighten my day!

    Love and hugs -

    Yvonne and Sydney

  7. Oh wow, how exciting it must've been to hold and feed that sweet baby girl! Reading the blog each evening brightens my whole day and makes me realize how AWESOME God is! Miracles DO happen! Go Team Drake and Kennedy!