Friday, September 21, 2012

Restful Day

Today, was a no news kind of day, my how much we love those. I spent the day today like most, back and forth between special care with Kennedy and then across the hospital to NICU to see Drake. This is one of those things that will hopefully, only be temporary. We eagerly anticipate Drake being in special care with us soon. There are talks about it possibly happening this weekend, but we are not holding our breath as he will move on his own time.

Drake had an introduction to breast feeding today and he did marvelous. He also had his baby yoga time with his occupational therapist, followed by snuggle time with Gran. Kennedy did a great job with 3 bottles today and she had her snuggle time with Gran, too. This is good for the babies and certainly not something Gran would ever complain about.

1) Kennedy sleeping
2) Drake
3) Drake with Daddy
4) My two favorite boys :)
5) Drake sleeping
6) Kennedy & her paci


  1. Awesome news on Drake! Hope he can join the girls soon :-)

    No news days are great! Keep it up Drake and Kennedy :-)

  2. Your little ones look so amazingly healthy. It's such a wonderful thing to look at Drake and realize just how harrowing an experience he and his family went through just two months ago. Joy fills my heart at how incredibly well events have turned out for all of you.

  3. What beautiful pictures to share. These have started my day with a thankful spirit. I pray your weekend is filled with more joyful moments and steady progress toward strength. God has done and is doing such wonders in your young family. <>< Thank you for taking the time to share.