Sunday, September 9, 2012

Count Down

It has been a wonderful weekend here in the NICU! We have been able to see both of our precious babies faces, and we have been able to pick them up whenever we want. This has been such a treat! We are not 100% comfortable with this yet, but we are gaining confidence. It warms my heart to see Brian holding each of them in the nursery, and Drake and Kennedy are completely at ease in his arms. Drake is still on cannula and we are hoping they will be able to go down on his rate tomorrow. He continues with his breathing treatments every 6 hours, and he only has 3 more days of shots...he has been incredibly strong with those. Other big news for Drake...he passed the 5 pound mark! 5# 1oz

Kennedy is still having apnea episodes and has been placed back on cannula as of today. This is not the direction we would like to see her going, but cannula is not a set back. I think she just doesn't want to go over to Special Care without her brother. Her doctor ran a series of tests on her today and everything was clear...this means her apnea episodes are not related to any type of infection. She is just a little bigger than brother...5#1.8oz

Sundays here at the hospital are always hard for me because Brian has to leave for another work week. As hard as it is for me, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for him. I have been used to him being gone during the work week because it has been this way for almost 2 years now, but somehow being here at the hospital for so long my sense of "normal" has changed. Now it is "normal" for Brian to be here with us & his absence is an adjustment that I simply have not accepted yet. Starting on Sunday nights, Drake, Kennedy and I begin the countdown until he is back and our little family is complete. Let the countdown begin...

1) Daddy & Kennedy
2) Gran holding Drake for the 1st time
3) Kennedy
4) Aunt Mere & Kennedy
5) Mommy & Drake
6) Drake
7) Mommy & Kennedy
8) Uncle Aaron & Kennedy
9) Drake


  1. These pictures are so wonderful. Your little ones looks so healthy and happy compared to how they looked a mere month ago. So nice to see their faces without all the cumbersome apparatuses.

  2. Annie, I'm so thankful for the progress your sweet babies are making. They are nothing short of miracles from God. It saddens me to attempt to imagine what you are feeling every Sunday when Brian leaves. I can only believe it will make you a stronger wife and mother. I will pray for God's comfort and peace.
    Thank you for your blogs, I look so forward to them everyday.
    Blessings, Sandy Burnett

  3. Love the expression on Drake's face as he gazes up at his Gran. Praying for continued steady improvement and no more setbacks with infections. Pray your week ahead is joyful and positive.

  4. Kennedy is so sneaky, getting back on cannula so she can wait for Drake to catch up... what a great sister she is to him :)

    It is so good to see them doing so well, growing and hitting the 5 pound mark, and only going upwards from there :)

    These two have come such a long way, and grown so much stronger, healed their internal organs, finishing the development, so they can leave the hospital soon, whole and ready to face life ahead with a great future :)

    Brian will be back before you know it Annie, this week is going to fly by, full of awesome news and progress each day, so when he returns, his little ones will be heavier, healthier, and getting even closer to heading home :)

    God bless you all :) May this coming week be full of great times and protection for all of you :)

  5. Hang in there mommy! You and Brian are both making huge sacrifices for your kiddos and they LOVE LOVE LOVE you both for it. Time apart is always hard, but you 4 are so strong I know that it will not be in vain!

    So pleased that D&K are doing well. Prayers for you all!

  6. Love the pictures, family time and all the new outfits!