Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am pleased to have had a calm day here in the NICU with both babies coasting along. They are 37 weeks gestationally today. It is hard to believe they are still not supposed to be born yet. With that considered, they are both doing quite well.

Drake's morning blood gas was much better today and he has been very comfortable all day. He received his last dose of antibiotic through injection, and we are happy to have those behind us. He will start back on bactrim tomorrow as a preventative for future UTIs. Tomorrow will complete his 72hours back on CPAP, and I will be able to hold him again! I can't wait! As of last night, Drake passed Kennedy in weight by 4oz.

Kennedy did a great job with her bottle this afternoon. At noon she drank 30mL of her 48mL, and she was exhausted when she finished. Having my sweet baby girl sound asleep on me after her bottle was the best feeling in the world. The only way to make it better would be to hold Drake, too. Tonight she finished her entire bottle, and she did it with no bradys. Wow! Two bottles in one day is quite impressive for such a little girl.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake with a blanket holding his paci in place
3) Drake's little hands
4) Kennedy realizing she gets to have a 2nd bottle


  1. I absolutely LOVE the pic of Drakes hands. Precious precious. And I love to read that you are able to coast a little bit. ... Those two little ones are so dear to us all.

    Love you guys,
    Allen and Karen

    PS I also love those sweet pics of them in Gran's arms!

  2. Precious babies...I miss you friend!


  3. It is amazing how aware Kennedy looks for a baby that should be still tucked safe inside. The pictures of Drake are equally adorable. What blessings they both are.

  4. Drake and Kennedy are doing so great! Those pictures are so adorable... they are truly such special little people :)

    Glad to hear Drake is finishing up CPAP and hopefully soon can go back on cannula :) Kennedy doing great as well is good to see :)

    Amazing how they should still be inside the womb, but even outside it, they are safe and growing slowly but surely, protected by God and all his helpers :)

  5. Continuing to pray for steady gains and progress. Your little ones are such an inspiration and a testimony to the power of prayer and the wonderful staff caring for these two! <><