Thursday, September 20, 2012

1 Liter

That's right...Drake started his morning off with another good blood gas and was weaned down to 1L on his cannula! If he continues to do well, he will be joining us over in Special Care very soon. There is even talk that his move could happen this weekend! He did a great job working with his Occupational Therapist this morning, and I even snapped a few pictures of him while he was doing his stretches.

Kennedy had a routine echocardiogram this morning, and her doctor's exact words were, "Everything looks 100% normal." This is wonderful news because they worry about possible heart problems when preemies have been on oxygen for such a long time. Drake was checked last week and had good results, too. Another positive...for the 1st time since we moved to Special Care, she was on good behavior last night and did not awaken me at 4am with a Brady.

1) Drake's stretches
2) Kennedy sleeping
3) Drake
4) Drake -Could you hand me that paci, please?
5) Drake
6) Snuggling with Drake
7) Drake's stretches
8) Kennedy


  1. They are beautiful! So wish we could have seen them and you yesterday when we went for Sydney's appt. The fear of getting you sick kept us away. So glad for good news!

  2. Drake has the best facial expressions :) Glad to hear he may be joining you two girls soon :)

    Sounds like both are doing so great, moving right along, ready for going home :)

    Awesome progress :) Can't wait to see the post that they are GOING HOME :)

  3. Seriously. I LOVE DRAKE'S CHEEKS!!! Your sweet peas are tooo wonderfully scrumptious , i don't know how you don't suffer cuteness overload!

    So happy--so joyful--that they are both doing so super! What a trip this has been for you 4. Incredible miracles. God is so good. My prayers for your family continue :-)

  4. I have followed your journey from week 3 when a friend of mine posted about Drake and Kennedy on Facebook. We have shared your blog everywhere and continue to pray for your little miracles. God is faithful! Reading your journey as a family reminded me of our journey 9 years ago when our youngest daughter was born. While she was not as early as Drake and Kennedy, they've been thru very similar situations. I also wanted to thank you for your strength, courage, and unwaivering resolve. Our youngest son was born 6 weeks ago. He was fullterm, but was very ill at birth. Your details and documentation of what Drake went thru in the very beginning gave me strength and a kinda "what to look for next" guide with our little Joshua. I know you guys don't know Mr, but if I ever get the pleasure of meeting you, I want to hug you and thank you for giving me strength in my weakest moments. God bless your family! We will continue to pray, & believe God for great things for you guys! (btw - I LOVE Drake's stretching pics! <3<3)

  5. Unbelievable Drake, knew you would surprise us all! You're still making those downs and you're so close to the goal line! We continue to cheer you and Kennedy on from the sidelines and will forever be your biggest fans! You are an inspiration to so many and you are proof that determination wins! You are quite a special little man (with such sweet cheeks!) can't wait to see how you will amaze me tomorrow!

  6. Thanks be to God for these blessings, a peaceful day and steady gains in strength. I pray your weekend is as a calm sea.