Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Several 1st Downs

Wow! Today has been packed full of exciting things. To start our morning off, the dietitian was pleased with their weight gain and has decided to change both babies from 26 calorie milk to 24 calorie milk. This is exciting because it will be easier for them to digest. Speaking of weight gain...little Miss Kennedy weighed in at 6# 1.2oz tonight! I still can't believe it! Drake isn't far behind. He hasn't been weighed yet tonight, but last night he was 5# 11oz. He lost a few ounces when they gave him diuretics to help his body release the extra fluids he was retaining.

Big news for Drake today...he had another good blood gas this morning and they were able to wean his nasal cannula down to 1.5L. In order to join us in Special Care, he will have to wean down to 1L and be on less than 30% oxygen. He has been steady around 27% oxygen so all he needs to do is wean down to 1L on his cannula. His NICU nurse is happy for him but sad that she may be losing him to Special Care. She has been with him since day 1 and she has become very attached to him, and we have become very attached to her as well.

Kennedy took a big girl bath sitting in a little tub tonight, and she really seemed to enjoy it. She took a total of 3 bottles today out of 8, and her nurse brought her in a bouncy seat to give her a change of scenery. The incline of the seat is being used to aid in the digestion process as well. Drake's nurse brought one in for him too, but I haven't seen him use it yet.

1) Kennedy's bath
2) Drake & his paci
3) Kennedy with her picture of Drake
4) Kennedy in a bouncy seat
5) Drake with his picture of Kennedy
6) Kennedy
7) Drake


  1. Prayers of thanksgiving this morning. <><

  2. WOW! I'm so amazed at how quickly babies/children grow. They are so precious and I cannot wait until I see them again! Kennedy is the size right now that Hannah was when I brought her home after just 2 weeks in NICU. Just comparing the size of how much D&K have grown since day one is breath taking! So blessed to actually see it and the daily changes are a wonderful thing for you & Brian to share. Miracles do happen & this is living proof! I love you guys & get teary eyed for not physically not being able to be there to help you. Tell D&K their auntie loves them, is very proud of their progress & will see them soon! I love the bath picture of Kennedy. Hannah screamed her lungs out on her first one! XOXO Auntie

  3. Amazingly wonderful news!!!

    I like the picture of kennedy hanging in drakes sweet.

    6#! And almost 6#! Yay!! My daughter and son were each 5.11 when we left hospital...they both lost a bit of birth weight (mav 6#7.8 and trey 6#3) basically your kiddos are my new borns sizes--which is great news! They are close to going home i just know it!!

    Love love love kennedys belly :-)the the pictures dont do either of them justice, im sure.

  4. Wow! Such amazing little miracles! God is so good! It is such a blessing to see how much they have both grown and are filling out and doing so good. Praise the Lord! So happy for you all! Continuing to pray for all of you. Thank you for the pictures and as always the updates. These photos and updates put a huge smile on my face! God Bless!

  5. Cannot get the smile off my face even though it is way past my bed time and I'm still doing laundry!! What a great day! Such good news and fun firsts! Love seeing Kennedy's little belly, their pics of each other and K sitting in the bouncy!! What size is that onesie she is wearing?

    1. It's either newborn or 0-3 months, but it looks like she has some room to grow :) They are in between sizes now. Most preemie clothes are too small and newborn clothes are too big. Oh, well :)

  6. Love the pictures of the precious babies!