Sunday, September 23, 2012

3 Months Old!

Yes, they are really 3 months old today. It is amazing to think about how far they have come in these 3 months. The nurses are even beginning to talk to us about "when we go home." As excited as we are that "going home" is on the horizon for us, it is also a terrifying thought. How could we possibly be getting close to not having monitors and nurses 24/7?

Yesterday evening Brian and I ran by Target to purchase an infant tub suggested by our nurse in preparation for giving Kennedy a warm bath this morning. The method used here in Special Care for preterm babies is to wrap them in a towel inside the tub. This sense of security instantly relaxed her. It was like watching a baby magic trick because she snoozed through the entire bath. This evening I was with Drake during shift change; therefore, I did not know who Kennedy had assigned for the night. I went to the nurses station in Special Care to check the nurses assignment board, and as I rounded the corner, I was met by a nurse who looked at me and said, "You look like Kennedy. Are you Kennedy's mom?" This caught me completely off guard, but it felt amazing to say, "Yes, I am."

The charge nurse in Special Care told us today that our Twin Room should be available tomorrow...Drake may be moving over with us tomorrow! I can't wait to have them both together in the same room...are real room...not a nursery that we are sharing with other babies...just us. Drake's respiratory therapist taught me how to administer one of his breathing treatments this evening. There is a good chance when we go home he will still need breathing treatments, and she wanted to show me what it will be like at home.

1) Kennedy after a bath and a bottle
2) Kennedy before her bath
3) Drake being held
4) Kennedy after her bath
5) Drake in a newborn outfit


  1. So excited for y'all! It is such a great feeling to be able to be the main provider for your preemie. I am so happy for you guys. A lot of preemies develop reflux. This wasn't around when my micro was born but for my newest preemie we found that the new fisher price sling sleeper is Fabulous for babies with relux or digestive issues! It keeps them propped up and helps them sleep as if they were being held. They carry it at Target, babies R Us and Walmart. Don't be nervous about if Drake has to have respiratory support at home. My son Blake did and was also on an apnea monitor. You get used to everything. It seems so easy compared to the daily grind of the nicu. We also found that having him suck on a paci when in the car and at night helped him remember to breathe. Make sure you have them do a car seat test for the babies when they are ready to go home. It is such a blessing to see how fabulously they are both doing! It is so awesome! Please know that your family continues to be in our prayers. Love from Houston! Keep on kicking booty Kennedy and Drake! You are truly miracle babies.

  2. Just earlier today I told Nick that I thought Kennedy looks like you! He agreed! And now a nurse has told you this too....;-) They are both adorable as can be. Can't wait to hear that Drake has joined you and sister in Special Care! Still praying!!

  3. Praying for your family is now routine and may continue to be for many years, I suspect! Praise the Lord and your fine medical team for the care which has brought these two so very far in three months:) Pray your Monday is a good one. <><

  4. What wonderful news!!! So happy for your family! It is so much fun when people start making connections between you and your kids! Every meet the teacher in Whitehouse I walk in and get - you have to be Ali's mom! Your blog just made me a very happy person today :)

  5. I've been saying all along you each have a mini-me :-)

    praise God for all the good news-so exciting I cried this morning while reading the blog!

    There is no more deserving of a family then the 4 of you!

  6. Going home... such a joyful time for you two :) Drake and Kennedy can check out their nursery, the dogs can be back home, it will be great for you and Brian to wake up in your own beds, have your children playing, the dogs running around, and looking at each other with a smile, at the beautiful family you two have created out of love :)

    You may not have the monitors and alarms going off at home, but God will be watching over them still, giving you the knowledge as a parent to take care of them, and it will all come so naturally for you two :) Just keep loving on them as you have been doing and they will all be just fine :)

    Time has gone by so fast... it seems like just the other day they were born and here they are, growing so big, so much stronger, and ready to tackle the world out there :)

    Go Drake! Go Kennedy! You are going home soon you two! :)

  7. What a happy post!! This made my morning :)

  8. Such a wonderful post. I'm happy to hear that Drake will be joining you all soon. I bet that was a really proud moment for you to get to say you are Kennedy (and Drake's) mom. How exciting that going home is on the horizon. They are doing so awesome. Any news on Drake's ENT results? Did he have to have the PDA surgery? Going home is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I became so dependent on staring at those monitors. As a preemie parent, I am still trained to check the monitors. On a picture you posted of Kennedy a few days back, I checked her monitor in the picture and saw she was satting 100. I thought, "Way to go Kennedy." Even though I don't know you all or your babies, I love following their progress and root them on from Leander, TX.

  9. ENT consult has not taken place yet. It was suggested by one of the OTs and the doctors are considering it. Our main OT does not think it is nessessary at this time. He did not have the PDA surgery. He was given 2 rounds of indocine and it closed. When he got so sick it opened back up, but luckily has closed on its own now.