Tuesday, September 11, 2012

80 Days

One of the nurses referred to us as "lifers" here in the NICU. We've definitely been around for a while...80 days. As you know, some days have been better than others. Today was another step in our journey with nothing big to report. The CPAP hat makes Drake a little warm so we have been trying to keep him at a comfortable temperature all day. The solution has been unwrapped wearing only a diaper. No cute outfit for our little man today. He has been a little grumpy because he isn't thrilled about having the CPAP equipment on his head again. Luckily for him, he had both me and Gran taking turns as his personal paci holder today. That certainly seemed to help with the grumpiness. His breathing treatments are still being given every 6 hours.

Kennedy and I were semi successful with the bottle feeding again today. I say semi because she had a Brady when we got started, one in the middle and one 30min after. However, she did drink all of her bottle except 5mL. That's pretty impressive! Her nurses and I all think she is having some issues with reflux which are causing the Brady's. This has been brought to the doctor's attention and they may address this soon.

1) Kennedy in her 1st bow
2) Drake
3) Kennedy
4) Drake
5) Drake's little foot
6) Kennedy


  1. Thankful for a relatively calm day for you and your miracle babies. Know prayers are daily and on going for your continued well being.

  2. Oh Kennedy, I love your pink bow! And my goodness, you are enjoying that bottle- so proud of that news! Drake, I know that CPAP is not comfy but it will help you get ready to breathe on your own soon! Looks like your family is enjoying holding you two - soak up that attention while you can, enjoy every second!

  3. Hey Miss Kennedy! You sure look adorable in that pink satin bow. What a big girl you're getting to be drinking from a bottle. I am so proud of you.
    Oh my, Mister Drake! You don't even need those little outfits to make you look handsome. You are one little hunk! I can't get over your chubby cheeks, those husky little arms, and your fun feet and big toes! Your daddy must be so proud. I'm sorry you have all that CPAP contraption back on. I would be a little fussy, too. I know that next time you'll have it mastered. We're praying that your lungs will get stronger every hour of the day. You are one big Survivor in a little package. Those people on television are clueless as to what that word means when compared to you, your sissy, and those parents of yours!
    Annie, just two days until Brian's back. I don't count Friday ever because that's the day he comes. Hope these next two days are full of good news and free of bumps. I love reading your updates. Thank you so much for being so faithful to write and post pictures when I know you must be tired. Hugs to all!

  4. Oh my gosh they are sooooo cute!! I love Kennedy's big eyes and Drake's chubbiness!
    80 days, really ?? I bet sometimes it feels longer but then again it goes too fast! They are growing up so quick :-)
    Day by day, better and better. God is good. Our prayers continue!!

  5. Love the bow and little feet pictures!!