Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Settling In Together

Both Drake and Kennedy rested well on our first night in our new room, and I wish that I could say the same for me. Hopefully tonight mommy will be able to get some rest, too. I absolutely love having them together in the same room! This is better than being in the nursery together because it is just us in our own private room. Not having to juggle my time between the NICU and Special Care anymore allows me some time to fit in a few meals.

Kennedy has really taken off with her bottle feeding, and she has attempted most of her feeds today. The doctor weaned her cannula flow down to 1/2 L at 21% oxygen and Drake was weaned down to 0.1 L at 100% oxygen. If necessary, he could still be on this once we go home. So far the Enfamil AR seems to be helping with Kennedy's reflux and this is also something that she can still be on once we go home. The ENT (ear, nose & throat) doctor has been consulted and he should be coming by in the next couple of days to take a look at Drake's vocal cords. We are praying everything will be ok with his cords and that he does not have any sustained damage from intubation.

I had been told a very long time ago that I might be able to hold both babies at the same time once we were in Special Care. I was excited about this possibility, but sadly I found out today that it will not be possible. Since Drake is on isolation for the serratia he had back in July and Kennedy is on isolation for the MRSA, holding them together while here in the hospital will not be possible. Their lack of immune systems will unfortunately force us to keep them separated for a while in order to protect them. The day when I am able to hold them both at the same time will be just that much sweeter. It may take longer than I would have hoped, but I know one day my dream will come.

1) Drake in the bouncy chair
2) Kennedy during exercises
3) Uncle Mikey came after work
4) Drake
5) Drake's 1st time in a bouncy chair
6) Kennedy with a bottle
7) Drake
8) Kennedy


  1. Oh Drake, that face!!! You are so precious!!!

  2. Yes, Kennedy.. Excercising is hard work!

  3. I am overjoyed for your family. Congrats on the big move and first day of reunion --Come on Friday so daddy can join the party...three is a crowd but four is a family!!!

  4. Wonderful progress. I pray you nap a bit today, while they nap. Prayers are daily for you and your two blessings.

  5. They are so cute! Prayers you will get to hear little Drakes vocal cords very soon!

  6. I love them!! They are such precious blessings. So happy for all of you. :)