Saturday, September 15, 2012


Night one is complete in special care for Kennedy. She slept great, but on the other hand mommy barely slept at all. On one side of the room is Kennedy and the couch, aka the bed, is on the other. The newness of the atmosphere, the noises, nurses in and out of the room, alarms; this all made it difficult to even begin thinking about sleep. It is very difficult to adjust to the lack of attention from the nurses. Here, they have a routine schedule to only come in every 3 hours to do their touch time. The only other time they come in is if there are alarms going off for CO2 levels or heart rate drop. She is now on what is called infant driven feedings. This means that every 3 hours, if she is awake, they give her the opportunity to try and take a bottle. Whatever she doesn't finish on her own, goes through her feeding tube.

Drake had another good blood gas today. They reduced his CPAP to a rate of 4 from a rate of 5! He is one step closer to cannula and then joining us in special care. We definitely know what his comfort item is because he gets extremely cranky if he doesn't have his paci...this has resulted in some crafty nurses and respiratory therapist.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy's little feet
3) Kennedy


  1. Precious babies, I love seeing their pictures. Can't wait for everyone to be together. Love you all!!


  2. Praying that very soon all of you will be together in one room again....very, very soon!

    Love -

    Sydney and Yvonne

  3. They just are too sweet! What a precious duo you have on your hands!

    I am sorry that being in the regular hospital routine is a hard adjustment-- but we rejoice for the change bc that means you are closer to home! I am sure you can hardly believe your time there is coming to an end --what an incredible journey for your family. And what a testament to you and Brian! I doubt God could have hand picked a stronger couple for these little babies--and i only know this through reading this blog and from the wonderful things Teresa and Hannah have to say. The 4 of you deserve nothing but continued blessings--i am so excited for your family's future! Prayers continue :-)

  4. Praying for your adjustment (you need your rest to take care of the babies) and that improvements continue to be made daily. My prayers for you will continue. <><

  5. Trying to sleep in a hospital room is nearly impossible. Even though we didn't have a special care nursery, we had two different hospital stays after my twins left the NICU. It is so hard to sleep with the monitors beeping, nurses coming in, lights from the hallway, etc. I hope you are able to adjust to it soon. Maybe some good ear plugs and an eye mask might be needed. Congrats on moving to the special care unit. Good luck with sleeping and adjusting to your new "home". Praying Drake will join you both soon.