Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ENT Visit

Another successful day here in Special Care, and I spend my time going back and forth between Drake's crib and Kennedy's crib. This is very similar to how I spent my days in the NICU, but here I am allowed to hold them whenever I would like. It's really nice when my mom is here during the day, because she can hold one baby while I hold the other.

Drake had his visit with the ENT (ear, nose & throat) doctor today. He was not a happy camper during the exam, but the doctor was able to determine the diagnosis. Drake has partial paralysis of his right vocal cord. This is a complication from being intubated for such a long time. He said that usually they see complete paralysis of one or both sides, and Drake only has partial on one side. This may or may not cause problems when we introduce feeds. Our next steps will be for the occupational therapist to conduct a swallow study test to make sure nothing goes down his wind pipe, and then have an MRI of his head to rule out a problem with the nerve that controls the cords. These should be completed within the week, and his neonatologist does not expect to see anything abnormal with the MRI. If Drake does not have any problems with his swallow test, then the ENT will just want to follow up with him every few months. Both doctors feel this partial paralysis is something that he could resolve on his own.

Kennedy is consistently doing well with her feeds. She doesn't have the stamina or endurance yet for full feeds, but she will in time. I do feel like the Enfamil AR is helping with her reflux, but her little body is still adjusting to the change in her diet which has caused a few tummy aches. However, we have found that a warm blanket and being held by mommy or Gran seem to help.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Kennedy
4) Kennedy
5) Drake
6) Drake
7) Kennedy
8) Drake
9) Drake with Gran
10) Drake


  1. Just when I think the pictures can't get any more precious - they do. Ahhhh, they both look so happy and content.

    Love ya'll,


  2. They both look amazing. Praise God for your beautiful, amazing miracles.


  3. They are MORE than precious. God is so GREAT!

  4. I read your post every single day....I just don't always comment. It is harder to comment from my iPad and i read your blog a lot from that source. I wanted to post so you know there are still people praying and thinking about you and your babies everyday all throughout the day. I LOVE getting to watch them grow and the progress they are making. The pictures are what I look at first every time I open your blog. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. It really has helped me to SLOW down and enjoy each day with my own kids more. I kiss them a little more at night when they are sleeping too :-)) You are a true inspiration as a mom.....Have a great day today!!

  5. Prayers going up for more good news for Drake and Kennedy. You guys are amazing. I love the pictures...soooo sweet.

  6. Look at Drake's little double chin. So precious and such a joy to share this journey with you and Brian. What a blessing for all of us. You are doing this with such courage and love. Praying for all of you daily.