Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drake's 1st Bottle

I had the anticipation level of a child on Christmas this morning when I found out Drake would attempt a bottle for the very 1st time. His occupational therapist wanted to work with him bedside prior to the swallow test which has been scheduled for Monday morning. As Drake began his bottle, we all knew choking or aspirating could be possible because of his partial vocal cord paralysis. There is also the worry of Brady's and de-sats with these preemies as they learn. I was hoping for the completion of 10mL out of 50mL, but Drake had bigger plans. He looked like a pro as he drank half of the bottle, 25mL. We were all impressed, and he did this without having a single Brady or de-sat. It was as if he was telling us that he has been patiently awaiting this for weeks. He was completely tuckered out after his 1/2 bottle because he just does not have the stamina yet. Tomorrow is another big day for Drake because he will try another bottle in the morning, then go for his MRI, followed by baby stretches in the afternoon.

Kennedy is still working on her feeds. When she is ready to take a bottle, she does really well and usually finishes. But when she is not interested in a bottle, that is a different story. They both had a bath tonight and are currently zonked out in their cribs. We are all three looking forward to spending the weekend in our new room with daddy in town.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake
3) Kennedy
4) Drake
5) Drake
6) Drake
7) Kennedy
8) Drake


  1. He was HOOOOONGRY, Momma! I'd say that's worth a couple of first downs! Such great news. They are both beautiful as can be!

  2. Bravo Drake! You and your sis are adorable!



  3. Praying all progress continues and that you get a bit of rest. Drake and Kennedy are looking so very good in these pictures. I am hoping your family has a wonderful reunion weekend! Thank you for sharing these happy days here.

  4. Every day I rush to the computer to see how "my babies" are doing. I have watched them since the begining and I know they are not mine but still think of them that way haveing prayed for them for so long and watched their amazing progress. I am so pleased they are progressing so well and just love their pictures and seeing their personalities show through. I thank God for all he has given you and pray for that special day when you can all be home and comfortable with your family. Thank you for allowing so many of us to be a part of your family. Marsha

  5. Keep it up super duo! Enjoy your weekend with Daddy and Mommy!!