Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Managing Pain

Drake's four part surgery was a success and we could not be happier. Now the key is managing his pain, which is a little tricky. Since he was on pain medication during the time he was so very sick, he has a much higher tolerance to the pain meds than other babies his size. This was evident this evening when he was crying and his stats were all over the place. The night doctor increased the amount he is receiving through a constant drip. I am about to head back over and check on him again, and I will also be camping out in his nursery tonight. I just need to make sure if he shows the slightest sign of pain that someone is notified. Drake certainly should not have to endure any further pain.

Kennedy has been doing a great job! She always seems to know when Drake is in a serious situation, and she stays on her very best behavior. It is starting to sound like she could be released as early as tomorrow. Not exactly what I would prefer considering Drake is in the NICU, but we are thankful she is ready to leave.

1) Drake holding mommy's finger
2) Kennedy
3) Drake getting ready for surgery
4) Drake
5) Kennedy


  1. Praying that Drake's pain is managed and that all goes well with Kennedy and her release date. I am praying that you get some rest in moments where this is possible. And please God let little Drake heal quickly and minimize his pain. <><

  2. So thankful for a successful surgery! Praying little Drake manages the pain with flying colors - praying too that mom can get some rest and peace of mind!

    Blessings to you all..........

  3. Blessings to you all! I'm so happy Drake's surgery went well. I'll continue to pray for healing & comfort. I can't believe Kennedy is so close to coming home. =)

  4. I am so thankful that Drake's surgery went well! I am sorry that you have to watch him be in pain - it is a terrible thing to see your baby in pain. We are all thinking about you. Annie - if we can do anything for your mom and dad while Kennedy is at their house, and Drake is still in the hospital, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be thrilled to be of assistance.

  5. Father God, i ask you for continued mercy and peace upon sweet Drake. He has been through so much and we thank you for surrounding him with angels through it all. I lift up his loving parents and ask you continue to strengthen each of them and give them your mind and grace for each of their children. I thank you for sweet kennedy and that you have given her your heart for her bubby and such an incredible people sense of love already. Thank you for their darling bond. They have touched so many, and i thank you for each of them.
    In your blessed son's name we all pray. Amen