Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kennedy's Big Day

This all still seems surreal...did I really drive away from the hospital with my baby girl this evening? Yes, I did! We are safe and sound at Gran and Poppy's. Was I nervous on the drive from Dallas to McKinney? Yes, I was; however, it gave me peace of mind to have my mom (Gran) riding along side Kennedy in the backseat. I have already completed her first round of feeding post discharge and she took the entire bottle. I'm gearing up for our next round at midnight. I had always imagined Brian and I would drive away from the hospital together with our babies in tow, but clearly that plan has been altered. In time we will all be home together. At least Kennedy and I were able to FaceTime with daddy this evening. Thank you, technology!

As excited as I was to finally leave the hospital with our baby girl, my heart was torn. Our little boy is still hooked up to a ventilator in the NICU. It was harder on me emotionally than I thought it would be to leave him there for the night. Thank goodness I feel comfortable with the doctors, nurses and respiratory therapist at Dallas Presby. I will be checking in on him throughout the night when I am up feeding Kennedy. They are weening him off of his pain medication and hopefully he will be able to come off of the ventilator soon. From now on, I will be spending my days with Drake in the NICU and my nights with Kennedy at Gran and Poppy's. We are beyond thankful that my mom (Gran) will be able to take care of Kennedy daily while I am with Drake at the hospital.

1) Drake can't wear his clothes, but he's still rocking the shoe-socks
2) Kennedy
3) Kennedy's note to Drake (our nurses are so sweet)
4) Kennedy in her carseat
5) Walking in at Gran & Poppy's
6) Getting out of the carseat
7) Mommy & Kennedy


  1. I am crying tears of joy! Baby girl is home...and brother is right behind her. You two have been blessed beyond means and I am so excited to follow this blog as they grow and learn. Prayers continue for Drake and a speedy recovery and for each of u as u embark on this new HOME! Congrats Team Gilstrap!

  2. Just seeing Kennedy in your parents' house thrills me! Ahhh - hurry up lil Drake and feel better. We just want everyone home.

    Love the pics,


  3. Happy and wonderful day. Praying brother Drake has an exceptionally speedy and wonderful recovery and is soon ready to join Kennedy at home with you!

  4. Yay!!! Congrats mommy and kennedy!!! Joyful joyful! Welcome "home"!

    Drake will surely be soon to follow--he will miss his sissy too much to stay apart for long. I am in constant prayer for both kiddos and their transitions --coming off of pain meds and going home are both huge.

    Your courage and strength are amazing. God has certainly been doing a work in you to prepare your heart to graciously and joyfully conquer each obstacle. You are both very inspirational parents--with EXCEPTIONAL KIDS!!

  5. What a bittersweet day! I can't wait util you announce that Drake has joined you, and you and daddy are driving them BOTH HOME.

  6. Welcome home Kennedy !!! Won't be long until you are telling us and showing us pictures of our Little Fighter going home. Know we think about you all everyday and are constantly praying for everyone. Take care, love ya'll !!!

  7. Yay!!!! So glad Kennedy is home. You'll be amazed at how well she does there versus at the hospital. We'll be praying that Drake joins her very soon.

  8. Congratulations to Kennedy! So happy to read she is officially a NICU graduate now. Still praying for little Drake to join his sister soon.